The Perspective Of A Baby: Voice Inside The Womb ( Part 1)

The Perspective Of A Baby: Voice Inside The Womb ( Part 1)
The Perspective Of A Baby: Voice Inside The Womb ( Part 1)

Aida won’t be born until July, but her parents had started playing with her even before that. With the wonders of ultrasound and other hi-tech tools, scientists have identified a virtual playground, where your baby interacts with you. Your every reaction has an equally cute opposite reaction.


From inside the womb, Aida can respond to your voice and laughs. She even can feel the light in the room and the shadows around. She can the taste the spicy Aloo Gobhi you had and the sweet jalebi after it.


Aida would be the first child of — Prateek & Siya. It is a unique bond, Prateek comes from a farmer family in Punjab and works in a bank. Siya, on the other hand, a lawyer born in Gujarat, to an aristocrat family. Both are proud of their background and share stories with her throughout the day. Prateek likes to talk about his childhood when during sowing season he used to help his father in the fields. Siya tells her stories about her grandmother, and all the fun she did with her siblings while living in a joint family.


Sia has a routine every day, she calls it her own ‘prenatal classroom’. Aida daily waits patiently for her class. Sia makes her listen to classical songs. Aida loves the slow strums of sitar complimented by the energetic base of Tabla. Sia wants Aida to learn classical music just as she did. Maybe, one day Aida would be as popular as the famous Indian classical singer - Anoushka Shankar.


Prateek has his own way of talking to Aida. He lies next to her and reads comics to her. She tends to like Batman over Superman. Sometimes when her mother is sleeping, and everything is silent around her, Aida imagines herself to be Batman, and darkness her friend. Aida loves how her father talks to her about famous and strong women. Her kicks are hard when she hears about Saina Nehwal and Serena Williams. Prateek wants Aida to chase every dream and be whatever she wants to be.


Prateek and Aida had a small argument yesterday.  Prateek, wants Sia to stop going to work and relax until Aida is born. However, Sia, just like her mother, doesn’t want to be a couch potato and continue to do some work. Finally, they came to a conclusion, Sia will work from home and not take any high-pressure cases from her law firm. Aida loves how her father takes care of her mother.


Sia since last one month has been on a diverse food diet. She wants Aida to taste every kind of food there so that when Aida grows up, she isn’t like her husband, who is a very picky eater.

From loads of green fresh vegetables to different kind of cuisines, Aida has tasted everything. She kicks hard in appreciation of Italian Cuisine but hates it when she gets to taste Spinach anywhere. She loves the feel of cool coconut smoothie but hates the taste of the vegetable soup. It seems like Aida may, in the end, be like her father, a picky eater. Sia is not giving up that easily.


Today, Prateek’s father has come to visit them. Aida is excited and anxious to hear a new voice around her. Her grandfather has brought sweets made of desi ghee, jaggery, and dry fruits. She kicks with validation and loves the new smell in the house. Her grandfather is a war-veteran and comes with his own wide range of stories. Tonight after dinner, her Grandfather plans to tell her many tales of old India.


Continued in Part 2…


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