Notorious paedophile who raped young boys released from prison after 13 years

Peter Norsworthy pictured in a mugshot from 2006. (SWNS)

A serial paedophile who sexually abused scores of young boys in Plymouth has been released from prison after 13 years.

Peter Norsworthy, 73, was freed on Friday having initially been found guilty in 2006 of 13 charges including rape and indecent assault all on boys under the age of 16.

During his trial it emerged that Norsworthy would “share” victims with William Goad, one of the most prolific child molesters in British legal history.

Norsworthy has twice been recalled to jail for breaching his conditions, but the probation service says he has been released for a final time.

Norsworthy reportedly shared victims with notorious paedophile William Goad (pictured). (SWNS)

The mother of one of his victims said she was disgusted after being told by the parole board on Friday morning he was free.

She said: “He's out. He's served his sentence, they told me. We won't ever stop serving ours.”

The mother, who asked not to be named, said her son has suffered brain damage in recent years following a rare illness, leaving him with little memory of his past and is in need of constant care.

She added: “I just don't think he should ever be let out.”


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The mother said that unlike some of the other victim's mothers, she had never encountered Norsworthy until she saw him in court.

Some of the mothers had been effectively targeted and groomed by Norsworthy so he could win their confidence and gain closer access to their sons.

He had lent some of the mother's money or offered to act like a surrogate father to those whose own fathers' had died or left the family home.

The mother added: "It ripped me apart, hearing what he did to my son and those other boys. I was on antidepressants for years afterwards.

"I would ask myself 'How did I not know'? 'Why didn't I pick up on it?' My son would play up just so that I would ground him and he would be relieved and I didn't understand why?

“Only years later, after he revealed in court what had happened to him, I learned that he was trying to find ways to avoid that man.

"As a mother you torture yourself. It's pure torture. It doesn't get easier as the years go past and it doesn't go away - and then they come to you and say he's been let out.”

Norsworthy's offences covered a 12-year-period between 1988 and 2000, when he abused children alongside Goad.

Goad was jailed for life in 2004 after pleading guilty to raping a child, but Norsworthy faced trial after claiming he was innocent.

This meant his victims had to give evidence in open court, sharing their horrifying experiences at the hands of the 'predatory paedophile'.

Goad died in 2012.

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