Who is Peter Shah? Meet the 27-Year-Old Entrepreneur Revolutionizing the Canadian Pharmaceutical Industry

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Talk about the entrepreneurial spirit and Peter Shahbeigi is as good as they come. While most of us were presumably busy tinkering with our video game consoles as young adolescents, Peter had his mind occupied with much bigger things. The young innovator was busy making strides in the world of science and technology at the youthful age of 12, when he first created his E-commerce platform, later selling it for millions of dollars.

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Years later, armed with the motivation to make a positive change by utilizing his passion for technology, Peter embarked on his next business venture Flash Health while still being a student at Harvard Business School. He later left the school to concentrate solely on Flash Health in what would be a successful attempt to restructure the Canadian healthcare like never before.

Thanks to his deep passion for problem-solving and critical thinking, Peter has always been inclined to conjure up solutions for the bigger and more complex problems that the country and its people face on the daily.

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With a push to strive for the best, Peter, along with his dedicated team of talented professionals, has been able to take the Canadian healthcare system to the next level with the inception of Flash Health Technologies.

Peter’s motivation behind the creation of Flash Health was to breathe new life into a pharmaceutical infrastructure that still falls back on old and obsolete practices, especially when it comes to prescription drugs. His primary objective with the company was to provide advancement to the health of Canadian patients through the use of modern and state-of-the-art technological means.

While Canadians have long been proud of their universal healthcare insurance system, prescription drugs are a whole other story. Owing to the splintered process that prescription drugs are subject to, medication coverage in this arena has been inefficient and creates access barriers for many Canadians to necessary medications, especially those living in remote areas.

This issue of a fragmented prescription process is one of the biggest ones that the Canadian pharmaceutical system faces. There is a noticeable lack of coordination and misalignment of incentives amongst the involved healthcare providers that result in inefficient allocation of medical resources and medications, harming innocent patients in the process. A fragmented prescription system not only adversely impacts the quality and costs of medical products but also the outcomes as a result of these malpractices.

The solution? Peter says, “Automation!”

Flash Health aims to nip the problem in the bud, but with a more technologically forward approach.

At the core of Flash Health’s mission is to provide every community with equal and same-day access to prescription medication. To provide foundational technological support for the monitoring and evaluation of prescribing practices and outcomes, Flash Health is spearheading the effort to equip healthcare professionals and patients with a mutual platform for a cohesive prescription process.

The Flash Health prescription infrastructure is designed in a way that puts the patient and their needs at the forefront. With this system in place, patients would not have to worry about whether they belong to a remote and rural community or a thriving and central metropolitan city. As with all his endeavors, Peter’s goal is to bring equal opportunity and quality of service to every Canadian individual with the help of technology.

As patient-centric as the platform is, Flash Health does not hold back when it comes to assisting the healthcare departments and workers as well. The company is able to do this by providing healthcare professionals ease of access and better linking options with their patients all across Canada.

This means that the company successfully and efficiently solves multiple problems for all the parties involved with the use of a single platform. They are achieving this objective by not only working towards building a more efficient prescription process but also by establishing better networking opportunities between healthcare professionals and patients. With an aim to target both sides and make the entire process easier for everyone involved, Flash Health is serving as a pioneer in re-defining the Canadian healthcare pharmacy ecosystem.

Working with over 60 pharmacies all across the country, Flash Health has made over 100,000 deliveries to patients in different areas. With a combination of prescription logistics service and infrastructure across Canada along with serving as the first independently-run digital pharmacy equipped with their AI-powered management system, Peter believes that Flash Health is positioned to take a new and improved prescription process to scale.

What’s even more important to note is that a need for an infrastructure like Flash Health has never been more prominent than now. With the world still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, little is left to the imagination as to how seemingly mundane circumstances can quickly get out of hand. The spontaneity that we have been hit with has been a great lesson in the uncertainty and unpredictability of the systems that we rely on. Moreover, the pandemic has revealed to us the existing loopholes in our governmental infrastructures, one of which has been the healthcare system.

More now than ever, we are realizing the importance of online platforms like Flash Health, that are catering to the needs of people when physical infrastructures are desperately failing to do so. There is an ever-increasing need for concrete and strong foundational virtual systems to be put into place for the future.

Undergoing and implementing all these changes come with a basic reality that cannot be ignored. The reality that we simply cannot progress and move forward without adopting a technology-centric framework. Which is exactly what Peter has done with his inception of Flash Health.

Flash Health has taken extraordinary steps to streamline the process of pharmaceutical drug access for Canadian individuals. In a surprisingly short period, Flash Health Technologies has witnessed rapid growth to become the largest medication delivery and digital pharmaceutical infrastructure in British Columbia. It has successfully achieved what it set out to do: reconceptualize the Canadian pharmaceutical system. However, as Peter puts it, “This is just the beginning.”

For what this creative innovator has in store for the future, we will just have to wait and see. For now, Flash Health is here to stay and enrich the lives of its consumers.

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