Pharrell Doesn't Age, And Nor Will You With His New Skincare Line

Murray Clark
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Photo credit: Humanrace, Getty Images
Photo credit: Humanrace, Getty Images

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EXCLUSIVE: "Self-care is the greatest luxury": a philosophy that dictates Pharrell Williams' path from the record business into that of wellness. He's not wrong. Just as workouts keep your body (and head) working properly, a sound grooming routine will ensure that said head looks as good it feels. It's not quite a Newtonian surprise, sure. But the amount of people who dodge any sort of self-care is. We just don't do it enough.

So Pharrell released a new all-singing, all-vegan, fragrance-free skincare line for no fuss maintenance. Launched under his Humanrace brand, the 47-year-old (go on: Google it before you scream fraud) has clearly done something right with his own Really Great Skin, which sits somewhere past Good Genes and towards Human Marvel. Good skincare is probably (read: definitely) a big factor in this.

Photo credit: Humanrace
Photo credit: Humanrace

Of the release, Pharrell said: "I wanted to share my 20 years of skincare experience and education through this product and routine. It's created to take three minutes morning and night... it's important to take care of your skin and to also take time for yourself day." It's no simple slap on and go job. A holy trinity of bathroom cabinet essentials – a cleanser, an exfoliator and a face cream – have been designed in tandem to pack the 'three minute facial': a process that packs all the essential nourishment without all the usual bad stuff.

What's more, Pharrell enlisted expert help in formulating the line. "We wanted to choose ingredients that are clean, effective and friendly for all skin," says Dr Elena Jones, a clinical lead on the project. "We adhered to the European standard of 1,300 banned ingredients as an important starting point, and then we went further to develop our own restrictions. We worked to create products that had no rocks, nuts, seeds, or plastic particles in our formulas to ensure no microtears occur which can result in damaging your skin”.

Nor does it seek to damage the planet. Humanrace skincare is designed to be refillable, meaning less waste, and is made from over 50 per cent post-consumer recycled landfill plastic. Again, less waste. Very, very caring!

Available from 25 November at, prices starting at £25

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