Phil Collins Birthday: Against All Odds, Do You Remember, One More Night – 5 Songs by the Grammy Winner That Will Remain Iconic Forever

Ananya Swaroop
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Phil Collins was one of the most successful artists of his time and people still love to listen to his legendary songs. He was on the top of his game in the 80s when he released around thirteen US Top Ten Hits and went on to achieve more US Top 40 singles than any other artists. The drummer, singer, songwriter love for music ignited when he was very young. He started playing the drums at home from the age of five and was even completing drama school acting simultaneously. He secured many roles as a child actor during that time but his calling had always been music. Lily Collins Is Engaged To Charlie McDowell! Actress Flaunts Her Engagement Ring And Says ‘The Purest Joy I’ve Ever Felt’.

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Collins entered the music realm when back in 1970 he joined the band called Genesis. Pile had actually seen an advertisement for a new summer for the band in a newspaper and went ahead to try his luck. At that time, the Peter Gabriel-fronted band needed a change, and Collins seemed like a perfect fit to add that extra spark. They played together for five years after which in 1975, Gabriel left the band. Collins moved on to become the group’s lead singer and went on to represent the band till for another few years.

In 1980, things got bad for Collins. He was freshly divorced and he decided to use all the experience and embark on a solo journey. That was the best decision made by him and he went on to release a string of highly successful albums, including Face Value, No Jacket Required Face Value, No Jacket Required and But SeriouslyBut Seriously in the following years. After this, he decided to focus only on his solo work and left Genisis in 1996. He rejoined the band for their Turn It On Again Tour in 2007 and then took a five-year retirement to focus on his family life. Collins published an autobiography in 2016 and performed for his Not Dead Yet Tour in 2019. Emily in Paris Star Lily Collins Wishes She Still Had Her British Accent.

Take Me Home, Two Hearts, A Groovy Kind of Love, I Wish It Would Rain Down, Sussudio as some of the iconic songs created by the singer. He even wrote songs for Disney’s Tarzan for which he received an Oscar for Best Original Song for You'll Be in My Heart. And since the singer is celebrating his 70th birthday today, we decided to take a look at 5 of his best songs and celebrate his day.

In The Air Tonight

In The Air Tonight was the first song from his album Face Value that Phil created after his exit from Genesis. Phil wrote this song to express his grief that he felt after he went through a divorce and was separated from his first wife, Andrea Berorelli. In an interview, he had said: "I wrote the lyric spontaneously, I'm not quite sure what the song is about, but there is a lot of frustration and anger."

Another Day In Paradise

Another Day In Paradise was written from a vision of a third person who is talking about the outcomes of ignoring the needy and the homeless. The song was from Collins' number 1 solo album But Seriously and managed to touch many hearts. The singer went on to win a Grammy Award for the song. He bagged the Record of the Year award at the Grammys and also had bagged a Brit Award for Best Single.

Against All Odds

Against All Odds is one of his best performance. The song won many accolades including a Grammy for the Best Pop Vocal Performance. He was even nominated for the Best Original Song Oscar. “We recorded the song in two days. One day in New York, one day in Los Angeles. The mixes were done by phone and the song went to number 1, I couldn’t believe it," told Collins in an interview.

One More Night

One More Night is a song from Phil's third album, No Jacket Required. It is a soft rock ballad which told the story of a lover who is begging his partner to spare him one more day to prove his devotion towards the. The song was featured in Martin Scorsese’s drama, The Colour of Money, as well.

Do You Remember

Do You Remember is a feeling in itself. The song talks about a relationship which was ruined because one person cheated and spoiled everything. The song is about lost lovers and was released on Collins' fourth studio album ...But Seriously. Talking to The Mail On Sunday, Collins had revealed: “When I wrote this, people were starting to tire of drum machines, but sometimes they create a really hypnotic effect. Real drummers get bored and start getting fancy… I should know!”

Phil Collins' songs playing in the background on only a quiet night is heaven and we would like to thank the singer, songwriter for giving us these gems. Join us in wishing the singer a very happy 70th birthday.