Phoenix and Health Ledger has become everyone's favourite Joker meme

Todd Phillips’s Joker released on October 2 and won the hearts of the audiences. Joaquin Phoenix has received a lot of praises for his portrayal of the iconic DC villain.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker is the origin story of the DC supervillain. The makers have given a completely new perspective to the story. The movie revolves around Arthur Fleck, a man who feels neglected by society and ends up finding his kick in crime and violence. Although the movie made a lot of headlines for its dark theme and the portrayal of violence, the movie has managed to win the hearts of audiences all over the globe.

Joaquin Phoenix’s phenomenal performance has done justice to the most popular antagonist of modern fiction. Phoenix’s performance is being praised by audiences. Some even compared it to that of Heath Ledger in 'Batman: The Dark Knight.'

After making the audiences cry and gasp, Joaquin Phoenix's Joker is here to make us laugh. A scene from Joaquin Phoenix's 'Joker' has become the internet's most referenced meme.

Twitterati started giving reference to the obvious comparison between 'Joker' and 'Batman: The Dark Knight'.

This reference for one of the scenes triggered a fest of memes. So 'Put your happy face on' here are some memes with ‘Joker’ references. Let’s see if you get the reference:

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