Horrific photo shows moment woman's drink is nearly spiked in nightclub

A woman has posted a chilling image of the moment her drink was almost spiked while she was in a nightclub.

The 22-year-old posted the photo on Facebook on Sunday, showing a man reaching over her in a dimly lit night club and allegedly dropping something into her drink, while another man watches.

“When I was in Zante having the time of my life there were two scumbags who thought it would be funny to pop a pill in my drink,” the woman posted.

The image taken in a venue in Greece and has been shared over 2800 times on Facebook.

The terrifying image showed a man allegedly putting something in the woman's drink (right), while another man (left) looked on. Source: Facebook/Gemma Reynolds

The Dublin-based woman said she was alerted to the “sick” act by her friends who witnessed the man spike her drink, and their fears were confirmed when she looked at the photo they had taken.

“Thank god my friends noticed before I drank it and it’s clear on this picture,” she wrote.

She described the men as “vile” and said she was “gobsmacked and so grateful they did notice”.

“Can see how interested his mate was while he was doing it,” she posted, referring to the man on the left watching.

The woman has warned others to guard their drinks. Source: Getty

The woman pleaded on Facebook to be careful on a night out, regardless of the location.

“(It) can just be on a night out in town or wherever and it can happen, it’s so dangerous,” she wrote.

Before the incident, the woman said she had “never really thought much about spiking until this happened,” and ended the post with a warning for others.

“It doesn’t matter if your drink is in your hand or on the table because mine was in my hand, just make sure it’s fully covered when you’re not drinking it,” she cautioned.

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