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Holi in the time of Coronavirus

A girl wearing a protective mask reacts as she is splashed with coloured water during Holi celebrations amid coronavirus precautions, in Chennai, India, March 10, 2020. REUTERS/P. Ravikumar TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

PHOTOS: Celebrating Holi, India's festival of colours, in the time of Coronavirus

Holi, the spectacular Indian festival of colours, is celebrated every year in the month of March. The Indian government, in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, dissuaded the public from playing Holi this year, since the dreaded virus is spread through contact and droplet infection. The warning, however, does not seem to have deterred the enthusiastic from what they know best — take a look at Indians celebrating Holi in the time of the Coronavirus scare.

(Images: Getty and Reuters)