PHOTOS: Tired animals

This tiny, adorable baby gorilla was caught with its mouth ag-ape as it let out a mighty yawn. (Photos: Dusica Paripovic/Mercury Press)

These hilarious photos show some of nature’s mightiest animals — yawning away!

From a giant basking hippo with its mouth stretched open to a group of sultry sea lions, these images show some of the animal kingdom's most recognizable characters as you've never seen them before.

In one photo, a baboon can be seen leaning up against a rock at the end of a long day, letting loose a huge yawn.

The images were taken by photographers across the world, from the African savannas to the Pacific Ocean. (Caters News)

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A lion cub sings its heart out. (Photo: David Jenkins/ Caters News)
A tiny, light-feathered barn owl with a perfectly heart-shaped face yawns. (Photo: Ck Patnaik/Caters News)
A lemon shark enables the small remora fish to clean its teeth at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas. (Photo: Shawn Murphy/Caters News)
This wild stallion looks like it's yawning. (Photo: Jami Bollschweiler/Mercury Press/Caters News)
An elephant seal. (Photo: David Crocker/Caters News)
A sleepy chacma baboon couldn't stifle an enormous yawn. (Photo: Lee Slabber/Caters News)
It looks like hell has frozen over as Lucifer the lion unleashes his frosty breath. (Photo: Mercury Press & Media/Caters News)
A trio of elephant seals appear to be doing their best impression of the Three Tenors. (Photo: Roie Galitz/Caters News)
A grey heron perches on the back of an unconcerned, yawning hippo. (Photo: Thomas Dressler/Ardea/Caters News)
An eastern screech owl. (Photo: Matt Cuda/Caters News)
A grouper spotted on a shallow reef off the coast of West End, Bahamas. (Photo: Shawn Murphy/Caters News)
A lion cub seen yawning alongside its sleeping mother. (Photo: YS Wildlife Photography/Mercury Press/Caters News)


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