Photos: Vaani Kapoor, Sunil Grover And Many Others At The Colonial Palate’s Launch Event


The Colonial Palate aka TCP pays tribute to the culinary traditions and artistic flare of The Portuguese the Dutch, The British and The Mughals who established trading post in India. and around the world. The launch was quite a superlative one with guests and several celebs being a part of it.

Bollywood celebs like Vaani Kapoor, Sunil Grover and many others added charm to the launch event with their presence. At the event, the staff inform the kind of servicr and hosting feast will be provided. They aim at giving a homely comfort to family and friends. TCP celebrates togetherness and it serves as an inspiration for carefully crafted platters which people will love on their tables.

TCP has a curated menu which comprises of indigenous ingredients. These ingredients are treated internationally. Also, exotic ingredients are used in local fashion which celebrates food and culture. The cuisine is essentially for the modern India which is influenced by different colonies.

Coming to the interior of TCP, they have taken inspiration from the classic colonial style of furniture which was prevalent during the 1800s. TCP line reflects distinct curved lines, classically proportioned form, symmetrical moldings and trims which have a very smooth and superior finish and it evokes a sense of nostalgia.

It also has an aristocratic chandelier that’s rustic and romantic all in one! With beautiful cut crystal shimmers , it shines while perched on a wrought iron finish frame. The specially curated bulbs cast a spell with its intricate filament and delicate design. A beauty of a creation, it’s the hottest victorian trend that’s making heads turn everywhere!

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