Are you phubbing? Identify and manage this damaging habit

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Are you phubbing? Identify and manage this damaging habit
Are you phubbing? Identify and manage this damaging habit

11 Jul 2021: Are you phubbing? Identify and manage this damaging habit

Do you have friends who give more attention to their phones while you talk or are you guilty of being one? Phubbing or phone snubbing is an annoying habit wherein a person snubs those around them while scrolling through their phone. While this behavior is certainly not a crime, it is capable of damaging your relationships and your own mental health, too. Here's more.

Relationships: Phubbing interrupts your ability to engage with those around you

When you're continuously engrossed in your phone, it interrupts your ability to be present and engage with those around you. A study found that texting on the phone while engaging in a conversation with someone else, made the experience less satisfying for everyone, including the phubber. Furthermore, another study concluded that phubbing in marriages results in strained relationships and a higher rate of depression.

Mental health: The person on the receiving end can feel depressed

If you're guilty of phubbing, it is important to understand the negative impact this can have on the person who is at the receiving end. When a person is phubbed, it shakes their sense of belongingness, self-esteem, and meaningful existence and they end up feeling rejected and not important. This can thus lead to depression and even increase bitter feelings toward the phubber.

Signs: Three ways to identify if you are a phubber

If you always have your phone in hand, chances are that you're a phubber. However, these signs will help you get clarity on it. 1) You converse via text and in-person with different individuals at the same time. 2) You constantly check your phone at social gatherings or even while at the movies. 3) You need your phone beside you even during mealtimes.

Stop phubbing: It is never too late to get rid of phubbing

It is never too late to recognize and change damaging habits and the same applies to phubbing as well. Begin by making meals a no-phone zone and while engaging in mealtime conversations with loved ones. At a party or meeting, keep your phone away and train your mind to enjoy and be involved in the present. Remember, it takes time but it isn't impossible.

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