Pigeons Wearing Tiny Cowboy Hats in Las Vegas Have Got Twitter Asking 'Who Did This?'

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While pet parents are always sharing videos of their cats and dogs wearing funny hats such as baseball caps, bowler hats or sombreros, some pigeons in Las Vegas have decided to ring in the new year in some sassy (and tiny) cowboy hats.

The sight was first captured by a Twitter user and has been going viral since. In fact, the hatted birds are quite the celebrities.

Several other pictures of the birds started flooding online.

In another video, the bird can be seen in wearing a red little hat.

Once netizens were past the obvious adoration, however, many noted that the tiny, custom-pigeon hats were not falling off their heads, even when they were pecking. This suggests that the hats were probably glued to the heads of the pigeons, raising serious concerns.

The pictures and videos raise the most important question: Who did this? As per a report by the New York Times, the Las Vegas police said it “does not appear to be a police matter at this time.”

The report further stated that Dr. Charles Walcott, a Cornell University ornithologist, who is studying the common pigeon for 30 years, was not at all worried after watching the clip. He also added that since the birds can peck and move around, they don’t seem bothered by the hats. “I think the thing that I would emphasize is I can’t see that it is causing any great harm to the pigeons,” he said. The hats are “certainly light enough,” he added. “They look like happy pigeons to me. It is hard to know, of course, because they will not talk to us.”

However, a member of a bird rescue organization in Las Vegas, Ms. Hillman said, “Humans basically just need to keep their hands off animals. It is their life. They have the right to live free from harm.”