'Pinch-2' episode one review: Salman Khan's controversies remain untouched, again

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21 Jul 2021: 'Pinch-2' episode one review: Salman Khan's controversies remain untouched, again

Arbaaz Khan returned with the second season of his talk show Pinch on Wednesday with elder brother Salman Khan as the guest for the opener. Based on reacting to hate comments and online trolling, the show saw Bhai of Bollywood dodging many a few virtual "pinches" with an air of nonchalance. Also, they might've teased the arrival of another Dabangg movie. Here's our review.

Content: Khan apparently doesn't check likes/comments on social media posts

Arbaaz gave an introduction to internet trolls and began the first episode by explaining that every online comment is easily traceable, so keyboard warriors should not consider themselves untouchable. Khan, after his introduction, added to this and said although he can get the trolls identified in seconds, he doesn't care for it usually. He apparently doesn't even check the likes and comments on posts!

Responses: The superstar guessed Aamir/SRK fans could be leaving hate comments!

Khan is one of the most brutally trolled Indian celebrities, thus finding hate comments targeting him wasn't difficult. As seen in the trailer, one netizen said, "Janta ka bhagwan mat bano (Don't try to be god for the audience)." Denying the allegation, Khan said the user must be a fan of Shah Rukh or Aamir Khan, and thus must have been miffed at him.

Fact: 'Eid ke din eidi toh banti hai,' wrote Salman

Quote: No folks, he doesn't have a secret wife in Dubai!

There was one comment that left Khan puzzled. It read, "You are already married and have a wife name Noor and [a] 17-year-old daughter in Dubai." Khan clarified that the social media user must have confused him with someone else. Other than this, the Wanted star appeared calm and undisturbed, even when asked about his "dikhawe wali" acting or comments on his back flip.

Verdict: Makers present comments after sanitizing them, episode gets 3/5

The nearly 23-minute clip had many revelations like Khan's tweets are cross-checked by his legal team. Ahead of its release, Arbaaz had said the new season will be "bigger and bolder." However, the Abhi Obheroi-directorial falls flat on the "bolder" aspect. None of Khan's controversial legal cases, nepotism allegations, or selection of scripts got a mention here. Watch Pinch on Zee5. Verdict: 3/5.

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