Artists place pink seesaws on US-Mexico border... but they are taken down within hours

Children played on the seesaws between Mexico and the US (INSTAGRAM)

Artists installed three bright pink seesaws on the Mexico and US border in a bid to bridge the divide between the two sides but they were taken down just hours later.

The Californian professors Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello placed the temporary pink seesaws on the border wall at Juarez, Mexico and El Paso in Texas.

The installations gave children either side of the border a chance to play together, despite the physical barrier of the fence.

However, they were taken down hours after they were installed by the US Customs and Border Patrol, who have insisted there is “no playground”.

The artists wanted to bridge the divide between the Mexican and US communities. (INSTAGRAM)

The creators said to Forbes magazine: “The seesaw demonstrates how those immediate relationships between people can create an environment where happiness and play are also important aspects of life on the border and that our relationships with our neighbors can extend past political relationships but also humanistic relationships.

“This is incredibly important at a time when relationships between people on both sides are being severed by the wall and the politics of the wall.

“The wall, and the unfortunate politics of the wall, not only separate countries, but regions, cities, neighborhoods, families, and more recently, the separation of children from their parents.”

The artists said that the creation of the seesaw was very important due to the tensions between the US and Mexico relating to the wall.

Mr Rael said the seesaw installations were the “most incredible experiences” of their career.

According to a Customs and Border Patrol official: "There is no playground along the U.S.-Mexico border wall in New Mexico.

The artists said that the neighbour relationship could be extended to the political relationship between the two countries. (INSTAGRAM)

“On the evening of July 28, U.S. Border Patrol agents encountered a small group who identified themselves as local university faculty/staff at the border wall.

“They had placed boards through the wall and appeared to be playing with residents of Mexico while recording the engagement.

“The group removed the boards and left the area without incident after it was established that there was no advance coordination. Agents ensured that no people/goods were crossed during the encounter."

On Instagram, the artists said that the installing of the seesaws was an event “filled with joy, excitement and togetherness”.

In the Instagram post, they shared pictures of children and adults playing not the see saws and said they provided a “literal fulcrum” between the two countries.

President Donald Trump vowed to build a controversial wall between the US and Mexico.

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However in December 2018, the US senate said they would not fund the £4.4 billion new wall and the Trump administration has now said they will make repairs to the existing wall.

Mr Rael, an architecture professor at the University of California and San Fratello, who is also an associate professor of design at San Jose State University, produced the installation with Taller Herrería, a workshop located in Ciudad Juárez.

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