Piyaa Albela 19th February 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Pooja refuses to eat food until Naren accepts her back

Eva Abraham
Piyaa Albela 19th February 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode:Pooja feeds the family food from Krishnapuri shocking Harish, Supriya and Naren

Piyaa Albela starts with Pooja(Sheen Dass) and Rahul waiting for Naren(Akshay Mhatre) in the office. Rahul taunts Pooja saying he knows his brother and that they are waiting in vain. Pooja though is sure that Naren would come. Naren walks in and Pooja is happy. As Naren takes seat Pooja reads out the clauses. She frees Rahul of all signing authorities and asks him to teach the staff yoga from today. She then asks Naren to patch up with the Union leader. She remembers how she convinced Naren by threatening to fight the election against him. Naren hugs the union leader and seeks forgiveness of him. Rahul does not like the idea. Naren threatens Pooja and says that he would make her pay for this.(Also Read: Pooja takes over Vyas Empire ruining Rahul’s masterstroke)

Harish is furious at how his son had to beg forgiveness of some low class people. Rahul adds fuel to the fire by instigating how Pooja made  him bend infront of people like herself. Pooja gives it back to Rahul but Harish screams at her. He asks her to stay away from his house. He also vows that if Pooja eats enything from the house then he himself will not eat anything of the house. Naren also does not support Pooja even though Dadaji asks him to. Naina and Rahul play their own games as they both wish no good for each other. Pooja remembers Naren and thinks that she will make him her own very soon. Dadaji asks her to eat something but she refuses to touch food or water till she and Chandrika are in Naren’s life with full respect.

Chandrika worries over Pooja and her stubbornness about not eating food. Next morning Pooja is in kitchen to make food but she finds all the drawers and fridge locked. She finds it odd. Supriya is revealed to be the one who locked the drawers. Supriya thinks how she cannot let Pooja make food for all of them. Supriya though is unable to cook that day as first Naren hears something fall and wakes and second Pooja walks into the room. That morning Supriya requests Neelima to get Aloo Puri prepared for Naren that day. Neelima though asks the servants warm the food from yesterday. Pooja gets food from Chandrika and asks the servants to serve that to the family. Later at the table Harish and Naren enjoy the food as Pooja loves seeing this. Chandrika asks Pooja to come and meet her. Later the family finds out that the food is from krishnapuri.