Pjsoft Ventures encourages businesses and individuals to regain stability post Covid-19

Brand Voice
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The COVID-19 pandemic has upended lives all over the world, be it the way people work, communicate, study, shop or just spend their time. Since any type of outdoor movement is seen being fraught with risks & complications, people are shifting to Working From Home (WFH) and, therefore, easily available online learning solutions are bringing in a tectonic shift towards digital platforms. In fact, with each passing day, it is becoming increasingly clear that the present time is the most appropriate for professionals across the spectrum to upgrade their skills and amidst all this upheaval, Digital Marketing is now the corporate buzzword.

Pjsoft, one such emerging digital marketing agency, is providing end-to-end digital marketing services, proving to be a valuable asset in terms of turnkey-managed strategy, SEO or services specific for a short-term campaign. Founder of this pathbreaking agency, Pankaj Jaiswal, is a dynamic young man who launched his dream venture in 2016. Pankaj started from the scratch, armed only with his determination and hard work. Under his able expertise and guidance, Pjsoft has so far worked for more than 350 clients, spread across the globe. The company’s successful footprint owes itself to customized software services. Talking about his work philosophy, Pankaj says, “You don’t need a digital strategy, you need a business strategy for the digital age.”

Speaking about the early times, Pjsoft’s Founder says, “It’s hard to stand out amongst numerous big and small competitors around, but with dedication and a zeal to serve and deliver to the best of our abilities, Pjsoft has today acquired the market as a leading digital marketing firm.”

One of the highlights of this remarkable business venture is its relentless attention towards upliftment of the weaker sections of the society. In keeping with that, Pjsoft donates 40% of its annual profits towards arranging for basic necessities for the downtrodden sections. In doing so, Pjsoft has emerged as a lone crusader for the poor amidst a plethora of companies focused on just maximising their profits.

There is no doubt that every business needs a unique marketing approach to run successfully and stand out amidst its competitors. The dedicated and creative team at Pjsoft understands this and thus, it devotes time towards intensive research into the best digital marketing services that can be offered to the clients. Right from using “Search Engine Strategy” to identifying “popular keywords,” they work on a turnkey basis for client projects.

The company is based in Mumbai, the Maximum City and some of its exclusive services include – “Search Engine Optimization”, “Social Media Optimization”, “Website designing”, “Lead Generation”, Youtube-Instagram services and various other e-commerce services. The main aim of Pjsoft is to provide customized and comprehensive digital marketing solutions to the clients and create a lucrative brand representation for them in the virtual as well as physical world. These strategies are focused on stimulating action from the audience to help the brand in assessing effectiveness of the campaign.

Guided by its Founder, Pankaj Jaiswal’s innovative bent of mind and creative acumen, Pjsoft caters to the needs of all categories of business – from small-scale to large-scale. It offers next-generation marketing solutions to clients’ problems by adopting the latest methods available in the field of wholesome digital marketing. As a result, Pjsoft has been able to achieve some of the best landmarks in term of client servicing.

Speaking about his endgame, Pankaj says, “My company is keen to create a business world, which is full of meaning and connected to the ground reality.”