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Alfalfa, also known as lucerne and Medicago sativa, is an herb in the legume family and a cousin to clover. In many parts of the world it’s most commonly used as mulch and livestock feed. In addition to animal eats, alfalfa sprouts are commonly used as sandwich and salad greens. These common sprouts add freshness and crunch to some dishes, but you probably shouldn’t eat them with every meal. The U. S. National Institutes of Health cautions that the sprouts can interact negatively with some medications, and the unsprouted seeds can lead to other serious complications.

Plants and flowers you didn’t know you could eat

Plants are pretty nice to look at, and most can make any too-bland environment smell fresh and floral. They also make up most of what we eat — but the fruits and veggies you see in the grocery aisle aren’t the only plants humans can use as food.