Please stop Kangana Ranaut, enough of your tone-deaf comments!

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Please stop Kangana Ranaut, enough of your tone-deaf comments!
Please stop Kangana Ranaut, enough of your tone-deaf comments!

20 May 2021: Please stop Kangana Ranaut, enough of your tone-deaf comments!

It's one thing to have an opinion, and an entirely different scenario to be lacking sensitivity.

Kangana Ranaut has gone for the second one, repeatedly, through the years.

The self-tagged crusader and "saare baapo ki maa" recently tested negative for COVID-19, and went on another tone-deaf tirade.

Previously, she had called COVID-19 a "small-time flu," without caring for the thousands of deaths it caused.

Recent happenings: She called COVID-19 'small-time flu which got too much press'

After contracting the disease on May 8, Kangana had termed COVID-19 a "small-time flu which got too much press."

Thankfully, the post was later deleted by Instagram.

Showing no repentance or admitting fault, she shared another tone-deaf Story.

"I want to say a lot about how I beat the virus, but I am told not to offend COVID fan clubs," the actress wrote.

Blind items: Further, she shared her negative report for 'demons'

This Story was followed by a five-minute video that described how she defeated the virus: Basically by not getting scared, drinking kaada, and chanting Om.

She even shared a screenshot of her negative report.

"All the demons who are asking for my report because they see the world as a projection of their interior, here it is...A Ram bhakt never lies... Jai Shri Ram."

Unbelievable: Coronavirus is 'healing' the planet, says Kangana

When her Twitter account was still available, the Queen actress had called COVID-19 a "self-made virus" that was created to affect the economy.

Conspiracy theories much?

In a style that matches Marvel's Thanos, Kangana said that the Earth was "healing" because of the pandemic.

"Virus may be killing humans but healing everything else."

Face-palm moment: She asked people to plant trees to tackle oxygen crisis

Going full environmentalist mode (eye roll), she had also suggested that planting trees is the ultimate solution to battle oxygen crisis.

"Remember any other life if disappears from earth it will affect fertility of soil and Mother Earth's health she will miss them but if humans disappear Earth will only flourish, if you aren't her lover or child you are just unnecessary #PlantTrees."

Details: End note: Help your country with your reach, not 'sermons'

While nothing is wrong in fighting for nature, tackling oxygen crisis by planting trees is going to take years to fructify. Till then just let people die, eh Kangana?

Meanwhile, more than 3,800 deaths were reported yesterday. Also, the country's total number of positive cases reached 2.76 lakh as per the latest information.

So use your massive reach to share resources Kangana, not hate!

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