PM Modi Is All Praise For Kartik Aaryan’s Monologue Video On Coronavirus

Amar Singh Rathore

Post the viral awareness video on Coronavirus by Kartik Aaryan went viral, the Prime Minister of the nation Narendra Modi has given his validation for the same by tweeting about it. Full story here!

Kartik Aaryan shared a video on Instagram spreading awareness on Covid 19 and in his famous monologue-boy avatar which went viral for the obvious reasons. This time, his monologue is not about being troubled by a girlfriend, but about how irresponsible we are getting to beat Coronavirus. He educated everyone how this stay-at-home situation is not summer vacation, to step out and enjoy time, but rather one should just stay at home and avoid meeting people. He rightly says how people usually crib about working a lot, and wanting to stay at home, and when time has come, they want to step out for work.

Kartik took to his Twitter and Instagram addressing the Prime Minister of the nation,“My appeal in my style, social distancing is the only solution,yet we are with you Sir Narendra Modi”. See the video here,

Well, Narendra Modi replied to his tweet and gave it his validation where it was visible that he loved the effort of Kartik and other young actors. See the tweet here,


One thing is for clear that it is just not the Bollywood brigade bur also the many politicians who seem to have loved Kartik’s idea of making people aware in his unique style!

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