‘Made In India’ But Made For World: PM Calls For Self-Reliance

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, 2 June, said that there are five elements that make India great – ‘Intent, Inclusion, Investment, Infrastructure and Innovation’ – during his address for Confederation of Indian Industry's (CII) annual session, marking 125 years of the body.

He called for the industry to work in tandem with the government to promote self-reliance.

“The country now needs to manufacture products which are ‘Made in India’ but are ‘Made for the World’,” the prime minister said.

“Countries worldwide today are looking for better global partnerships while looking for modern methods. Expectations from India, too, has increased. Trust me, it is not impossible to get growth back,” he added, sharing his vision for ‘Getting Growth Back.’

"Today, on one hand, we’ve to save the lives of our countrymen and on the other hand, we have to stabilize the country’s economy. In this situation, CII has started the talk of ‘Getting Growth Back’ and I congratulate all the people of the Indian industry for this.” " - PM Narendra Modi

He said that there will be many opportunities in the country, across sectors, that will provide opportunities for youth.

"“The direction in which the government is moving today, be it our mining sector, energy sector or research and technology, in every field there will be many new opportunities for youth of the country:.”" - PM Narendra Modi

He said that being self-reliant does not mean that we will be “dependent on anyone at a strategic level.”

“It is about creating strong enterprises in India. Enterprises that will become global forces. It is about creating employment,” the prime minister added.

The prime minister’s address comes at a time when India's GDP growth has slumped to 3.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2019-20 and the annual growth rate for 2019-20 dropped to 4.2 percent – considered the lowest in 11 years.

The CII is a non-government, non-profit organisation which seeks to sustain an economic environment conducive to India's development through partnership with the government and civil society.

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