Podcast | From ‘Freedom’ to ‘Fear’: A Long Way To Independence ?

Fabeha Syed
·1-min read

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India enters its 74th year of Independence amid a raging pandemic and economic distress that looks indefinite. While the country is slowly ‘unlocking down’ and restrictions are being eased, our anxieties about our health and future refuse to fade.

What is it that must comfort a citizen of an independent ‘atmanirbhar’ country in these tough times? Reassuring policies? Promising employment? Freedom of expression and dignity of life. Or a healthy democratic system that anchors all of these values listed above?

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On this 15th of August, we spoke to a historian, journalists, a labour worker, a public health expert, a student, and a data collector. They tell us that even after 73 years of independence, it is a long way to freedom.

Tune in.

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