Poland's Kamil Misztal Has Come A Long A Way In His Career, Directed An Original Web Show For Netflix

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Today, diversity has helped many great talents from the world to work together. In the field of art and cinema, writers, actors, directors and musicians from all across the world get huge opportunities to showcase their work not only in their homeland, but also at a global level. One person whose directorial skills and talent helped him win huge recognition worldwide is Poland's Kamil Misztal.

Kamil Misztal has worked with Netflix on two big projects. In 2019, he directed the Netflix original, a web show called The Mire. Kamil was also the Assistant Director of 2020 show, The Woods. About his experience on collaboration with the digital platform, the director says, "I got a chance to showcase my direction skills on Netflix platform for the first time in The Mire series .Working with Netflix just boosed my confidence and I learned a lot of things."

From his college days, direction has been his core interest,he said. So be directed several plays at that time. All the appreciation he received for those plays made him believe that he can be one of the contributors in the world of cinema and tell stories to people. In 2016, his career as an assistant director commenced and after that, there was no looking back.

Apart from the Netflix originals, Kamil is known for heading some other great projects. He was the AD of films like Za niebieskimi drzwiami aka Behind the Blue Door (2016), Rudý kapitán aka Red Captain (2016), and Volta (2017). In the year 2017, he debuted as a director with the film Amok.

Great talents always get noticed for their creative contribution. Same happened with Kamil Misztal. He won the Star Ezliq's Best Assistant Director Award. Kamil also got featured on Inspire Magazine's Top 50 Creative Directors.