Police department defends video of officer riding mechanical bull at party: ‘I’m the Chief and loved it’

An officer with Kilgore Police Department in Texas asked party-goers to keep the noise down, but not before riding a mechanical bull in the house party's yard. (Photo: Facebook)

Typically, when the police arrive at your party, you turn down the music, hide any illicit contraband and hope you get off with a warning. But for one 22-year-old woman in Texas, things took a different turn.

The woman, who identifies as Karla according to Fox 17 Nashville, was celebrating her birthday on Saturday night when officers from Kilgore Police Department —who had been dispatched to a large house party with loud music — appeared. However, when they realized there was a mechanical bull in the backyard of the house, they decided it was their civic duty to make sure it was safe enough to ride.

One officer, identified by the Kilgore Police Department as Officer Besser, hopped on the bull and was able to tame the “wild beast” for nearly 30 seconds before being thrown off.

An American bull-riding professional must stay on a bull for at least eight seconds to receive a score, and they typically ride from 70 to 80 seconds. Although professional riders say a real bull and a mechanical bull are no comparison, Besser’s feat was apparently worthy of a high-five.

The video of Officer Besser shared on the department’s Facebook displays his impressive bull-riding skills, as well as the cheers from the crowd at the party rooting him on. By Wednesday, it had over 200,000 views.

"We did ask them to turn their music down some," the post on Kilgore Police Department's Facebook page reads, adding, "It wouldn’t be a memorable birthday celebration without KPD showing our bull riding skills. We think Officer Besser may have some experience at this?"

Some commenters on the video suggested that perhaps the officer may be in trouble, writing: “I hope his boss or city council doesn’t see this.” But the Kilgore Police quickly put that idea to rest. “Gerard- I'm the Chief and loved it,” reads a reply from the police department. “Heck, I sent it to the council and they loved it. We enjoy the engagement we have with our public.”

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