Police investigating Gina Miller hitman GoFundMe page

Campaigner Gina Miller talks to the media outisde the Supreme Court. (Reuters)

A crowdfunding campaign which advocated killing anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller is being investigated by police.

The page, which has been on the GoFundMe website since April, sought to generate £10,000 for a hitman to kill Ms Miller, but did not raise any money before it was taken down.

Speaking to The Sunday Mirror, Ms Miller said: “This is horrifying. It beggars belief that this can have been allowed to have been put up on this site and stayed there for so long.”

Ms Miller, known for leading the campaign to ensure parliament had a say in triggering Brexit, was heavily involved in the Supreme Court battle over Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament last month.

Ms Miller has been heavily involved in campaigning to stop Brexit. (Reuters)

A Met Police spokesman said: “Officers from the Met’s south west CID team are currently investigating a report of threats to kill that was reported to them on Wednesday October 23.

“Enquiries remain ongoing and the victim, a female aged in her 50s, has been regularly updated.”

A GoFundMe spokesman said: “This campaign has been removed.

“We are sorry it got through our otherwise robust procedures. We are particularly sorry for any distress this caused Gina Miller.”

Responding to the petition on Twitter, Ms Miller said: “We need to heal our nation and my view is that the only way of doing that is to remember true British values of tolerance, decency, reason, civic duty, common-sense and above all else honesty and kindness.”


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Businesswoman Ms Miller said she was subjected to rape and death threats after coming to prominence three years ago for leading the campaign against triggering Brexit without Parliamentary approval.

Last month she revealed she was also subjected to “disturbing” verbal abuse while walking with her daughter.

Mrs Miller said she was recognised on the street as she took her 12-year-old daughter for an eye test on the day after the court ruling last week.

“People were stopping in their cars and rolling their windows down and calling me ‘traitor’ and saying, ‘There’s a lamppost over there’,” she told The Times in an interview.

“And you just think, it’s extraordinary. You know, I’m with my child and that’s disturbing.”

Mrs Miller said her children have known her as a campaigner all their lives and that she tells them: “This is why Mummy is fighting.”

She also has a 14-year-old son and an adult daughter from a previous marriage.

Mrs Miller told the newspaper that her teenagers have come across messages disparaging her on social media.

“I get sent letters saying my children are mongrels. I have to make sure that they are not seeing all of this, but I explained to them, ‘We have to just be who we are, and if we reply with anger all we do is stoke those fires.’

“I much prefer to stay calm and try and explain to people and talk, but it’s a hard thing to do,” she told the newspaper.

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