Police open fire at protesters in Hong Kong

Police in Hong Kong opened fire on anti-government protesters Monday (November 11) morning.

Local media report at least one person was hit.

Video footage showed a protester lying in a pool of blood with his eyes wide open.

The Hospital Authority confirmed a 21-year-old man had undergone surgery.

Local media later reported he was in critical condition.

The video also showed a woman nearby being tackled to the ground by police.

Reuters could not immediately verify the footage.

The shooting was part of wider chaos that spread across the city Monday.

Activists called a general strike and urged people to block public transport.

Protesters set out early as commuters headed in to work, setting up barricades and disrupting traffic.


"Without big protests, I think smaller rallies won't do anything.. The government won't listen to our demands."

Some also took aim at businesses thought to be pro-Beijing.

Universities cancelled classes and exams as demonstrations hit campuses around the city.

Activists are angry about what they see as police brutality and meddling by Beijing in the former British colony.

Things escalated last week after a student died.

He fell from a car park during a protest and days later died from his injuries at a hospital.

By the time the weekend rolled around, some demonstrators were calling for revenge.

On Sunday (November 10) violence broke out again.

Protesters trashed malls - and were arrested by plainclothes police officers.

Clashes broke out on the streets with protesters setting up barricades and setting fires.

Police responded with tear gas and water cannon.

Demonstrations are now in their sixth month with still no end in sight.