Have your say: Will you go out on New Year’s Eve if the rules allow it?

Ross McGuinness
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Christmas party! Young people with face mask toasting with champagne flutes in coronavirus time - Multiethnic friends congratulating each other on the new year eve - Celebration and nightlife, holiday background, selective focus
New Year's Eve celebrations with people outside your household are banned in most of England. (Getty)

Going to the pub or a house party to see your friends on New Year’s Eve is banned in most of England, the government has insisted.

In new guidance published on Sunday, the government reiterated that meeting anyone outside your household indoors is outlawed for most of the country under the return to tiered coronavirus restrictions.

Meeting someone indoors from outside your household will only be permitted in Tier 1 areas – and there will only be three places (Cornwall, the Isle of Wight and the Isles of Scilly) in this category when the second national lockdown ends on 2 December.

In Tier 2 areas, you can’t socialise indoors – public or private – with anyone outside your household, while pubs and bars can only remain open if serving substantial meals. In Tier 3, pubs are closed except for takeaway and delivery services.

During the festive season, under rules agreed by England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, people across the UK may form a Christmas bubble of up to three households from 23 to 27 December (22 to 28 December in Northern Ireland).

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The nation will revert to the tiered system after that period.

Scientists have warned families to self-isolate for 10 days before seeing elderly relatives.

In its new guidance, the government says: “You must follow the rules on where you can go and who you can meet, including on New Year’s Eve. Your Christmas bubble will no longer apply.”

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