Pooja Bannerjee: Swimming to me is a great stress buster

Pooja Bannerjee, currently seen in the TV show Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 and the web series Only for Singles speaks to MANASI Y MASTAKAR about her weekend plans and tips for striking a work-life balance

Weekends mean partying

For us actors, weekends are just like any other days since we work on weekends also. But, on weekends we get to party. What also makes me look forward to the weekend is, apart from the parties, less traffic on the road.

Ideal weekend

With Sandeep...going out for a good lunch or a brunch.

Weekend special

Weekend food includes sea food, sea food and some more sea food!

Making it memorable

I make my weekends memorable by planning in advance. When I know that I don’t have work on weekends, I go out of Mumbai. I go for short getaways on the weekends very often. I visit places like Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, Alibaug, Nasik or Lavasa on those days.

A necessity

I think work-life balance is rather a necessity. If you get too caught up with work, you may get drained out. So you definitely need a good balance between work and life.

Find a hobby

If we carry on the habit of giving some time to our hobby then it keeps our hearts happy and content. Since we all are a part of the rat race, it’s nice to be attached to something which may not give us monetary joys but still makes us happy.

Creating a balance

I read, meet my family and friends often. I go swimming if I get time and spend as much time possible on travelling whenever I get time off from work. This helps me keep stress at bay, and stay sane and grounded at the same time.

Swimming stress away

Swimming to me is a great stress buster. Taking a quick swim is a great way to feel refreshed and stay toned at the same time.