Poonam Pandey, who had filed case against Raj Kundra, reacts

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Poonam Pandey, who had filed case against Raj Kundra, reacts
Poonam Pandey, who had filed case against Raj Kundra, reacts

20 Jul 2021: Poonam Pandey, who had filed case against Raj Kundra, reacts

Actress Poonam Pandey has reacted to the news of Shilpa Shetty's husband businessman Raj Kundra's arrest. Saying "my heart goes out to Shilpa and Shetty & her kids," Pandey refused to "use this opportunity to highlight my trauma." Notably, she had filed a case in the Bombay High Court against Kundra and his associates on charges of fraud and theft. Here's more.

Reaction: 'I can't imagine what [Shilpa] must be going through'

Speaking to a portal earlier today, Pandey sympathized with Shetty, saying, "I can't imagine what she must be going through." "The only thing I'll add is that I've filed a police complaint in 2019 against Kundra for fraud and theft. This matter is subjudice, hence I would prefer to limit my statements. Also, I've full faith in our police and the judicial process (sic)."

Old case: Pandey alleged Kundra and his associates used her content illegally

The case, filed in 2019, had reached High Court last February, where Pandey had alleged Kundra's company, Armsprime Media, had illegally used content that featured her, even eight months after the contract between the two parties was terminated. Kundra had maintained he had exited the venture in December 2019 by selling his share to the founders. This firm was responsible for handling her app.

Fact: What is Armsprime and what is Pandey's connection to Kundra?

Armsprime creates apps, focused on adult content, for several actors/models. They have, in fact, developed HotShots too that's currently under scanner for circulating pornographic content in the UK. Gehana Vasisth contributes to HotShots, and her arrest/confession has unearthed the entire racket, leading to Kundra's arrest.

Claims: Apparently Pandey's personal number had been leaked on the app

While Pandey claimed she had terminated her contract after noticing payment discrepancies, Armsprime in turn alleged they had canceled her contract as her content was "too bold" and Google Play Store had banned her app. The Aa Gaya Hero actress had claimed the company leaked her personal mobile number on the app because of which thousands would call her and request explicit services.

Connection: Kundra was called in for questioning for being Armsprime's investor

So how does it fit with the porn films case? According to reports, this February, police raided a bungalow in Mumbai and arrested five for allegedly forcing people to shoot porn films for an app or apps developed by Armsprime. Based on one actress' statement, a case was registered and Kundra was called in for being its investor. He was arrested after questioning.

Fact: Kundra was sent to police custody till July 23

Kundra is also an investor in Kenrin Production House, a firm through which the porn films were made and circulated. Following his arrest yesterday, his aide, Ryan Tharp was also arrested today. Kundra and Tharp have been sent to police custody till July 23.

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