Popular dessert spots in Bangalore

Give into temptation and swing by at one of these places. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Art of Delight, Residency Road & Koramangala 5th Block

There’s decadent and then there’s the menu at Art of Delight that comprises deep-fried Snickers sundae served with ice cream, Nutella Oreo cheesecake and the good old fruit salad with ice cream. There are no words to describe the calorie-rich menu at Art of Delight, you simply have to visit it to believe it. 

 Smoor, multiple outlets

You will be spoilt for choice with the range of chocolates at Smoor, but this delightful chain of cafés also serves some amazing macarons, sundaes, and cupcakes too. If you’re up for something richer, you should consider their New York baked cheesecake, green tea apple cake, and decadent hot chocolate.

Magnolia Bakery, Indiranagar

This iconic NYC brand has opened its first store in India in Bangalore and it’s been well worth the wait. The sweet buttercream cupcakes are of course legendary, thanks to a certain Carrie Bradhsaw, but we suggest you keep some space for the delightful fudgy crinkle cookies and light cheesecakes. 

Happy Endings, Bellandur & Whitefield

Its dubious name notwithstanding, Happy Endings is in fact a rather delightful place for desserts in Bangalore. Consider ordering their rich hot chocolate brownie fudge or the chocolate mousse that will set your diet back by a few weeks. Trust us, it will be worth it.

Sri Venkateshwara Sweetmeat Stall, Malleshwaram & Balepet

For a more local flavour, drop by at Sri Venkateshwara Sweetmeat Stall, which has some melt-in-the-mouth treats. Best known for its mysore pak and kobri mithai, this 100-year-old store also serves amazing caramel dry fruit gujjia, aam papad layered with white chocolate, and kaju coffee crunch.

Desserted, Vasanth Nagar

If you can brave the college crowds that throng this place you should consider their salted caramel cake, hot cocoa, red velvet cake, and lemon tart. You will also be surprised by their brownie eclairs and Oreo cream cakes, both of which are an absolute delight.
Photograph: Desserted

Patisserie Nitash, Frazer Town

You could, of course, go for Nitash’s cheesecakes and pies, but we’d recommend you to also consider their various cakes—from salted caramel to Mars and Twix. Nitash also serves a really cool range of cheesecakes and brownies.

Dolci Desserts, Cunningham Road

Its name notwithstanding, Dolci serves the full range of meals—from soups and salads to pastas and pizzas. But what it does best is desserts. The eclairs, the cheesecakes, the tarts—they’re all completely divine. Really, there’s no reason why you should leave this from your city itinerary.
Photograph: Dolci Desserts

Lavonne, Indranagar & St Marks Road

Lavone also runs a baking school, which is why you’ll likely find some rather experimental desserts here—think tiramisu brioche and, our favourite, the baklava croissant. Their red velvet cake, apple pie, and tarts are also very popular with the regulars.

Anand Sweets & Savouries, multiple outlets

Anand is perhaps best known not just for its cashew meetaaz and badamika biscuits, but also its baklavas and other Middle Eastern desserts. They also do a good job with traditional sweets like barfis, ladoos, and gulab jamuns. Plus, there are sugar-free and diet variations for the health conscious. 

Kanti Sweets, multiple outlets

We wind up this list with Kanti Sweets—that legendary store offering everything from delightful balushais, Mysore paks, and chandrakalas to various sohan papdis and petha angoors. It’s the kind of store that inspires you to pack kilos and kilos of sweets for your flight back home.