Popular Singer Kalyan Kedar’s Latest Single 'Kyun Mere' Topping All the Charts

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The maverick musician, Kalyan Kedar's latest single " Kyun Mere" has been steadily climbing the charts ever since its release. A confluence of two languages, Portuguese and Hindi; "Kyun Mere" is a melody that has caught the fancy of more than a million listeners on the YouTube. Enchantingly choreographed and cinematically shot, the song has created quite a impact on YouTube platform for music listeners across the globe.

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Kalyan Kedar (34) was born and raised in Rotterdam, but his grandfather (Ramanand Kedar) was Indian. His roots can clearly be heard in his music. His own songs all have western beats with Indian influences. With his music and crossovers he is a unique artist within the Hindustani (desi) community.

He not only writes his own songs, but also makes up his own melodies and compositions. He subtly brings out the classical singing techniques that he learned in his youth from his father (Ustad Sadafal Kedar) in his own productions.

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Until 2019, Inspired by his musical brothers Komel, Kieren, Trishna and Rohan Kedar, Kalyan mainly modernized and sang Bollywood covers. In 2020, he started to write his own music. With the hit song “Kyun Mere”, Kalyan changed his identity from a cover artist into a original artist with his own songs. Kalyan: “The Bollywood industry is no longer limited to the Film industry. With the growth of social media, it has become easier for artists overseas to reach millions of people. Hopefully i can do the same.”

His passion for music has rewarded him greatly with a large fan base which is growing larger by the day and his fans are looking forward to many more of his fresh tunes to be added to their playlist. Kalyan is aptly supported and blessed in every walk of life by his mother Shrimati Asha Jokhoe and his sister Radjnie Kedar.