My Popularity in China Happened by Accident: Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is celebrating his birthday in March. But the actor, who is busy shooting for Thugs of Hindostan, will continue working on his 53rd birthday. In an interview with Hindustan Times, the superstar speaks about his rising popularity in China, being a Sridevi fanboy and more.

Aamir Khan explains how and why his films manage to connect with audiences in China

“My popularity in China happened by accident. Not many people know that it all started with 3 Idiots (2009), which reached Chinese homes through piracy. I guess they really related with the subject of the education system. Then they followed my work, including PK, and even the TV show Satyamev Jayate,” says Aamir.

So of course Dangal, which has a relatable theme, had to do well in the country.

"“When Dangal released in China, they already knew me and my work. Also, the reason why the films did such business in China is the sheer number of screens. In India, we have around 5,000 theatres, while in China there are 45,000”." - Aamir Khan

Aamir also spoke about his tribute to late Sridevi and how nervous he was when he had met her for a magazine shoot.

"“She was my number 1 favourite. I told Boney [Kapoor] fairly recently that when I was new in the industry, a magazine asked me to do a shoot with Sridevi. I can’t tell you how nervous I was. In my heart, I was so afraid that when I would come in front of her, she would understand in two seconds that this boy is in love with her. I was smitten, totally”." - Aamir Khan on Sridevi

Aamir also spoke his children and their involvement in his career. His younger son, Junaid has begun working with the actor. “My son Junaid (24) has just started interning with me. Not just in my films, but in everything I do, including my NGO Paani Foundation,” says the actor.

Like a doting father would complain about his children’s career choices, Aamir too admits how his children don’t listen to him. “My daughter Ira (20) is studying liberal arts at the Utrecht University in Netherlands. She’s a fantastic painter. I keep asking her to pursue it seriously. But, bachchey sunte nahi hain,” says Aamir.

Speaking about his youngest, he said,

"My youngest, Azaad, is six now. He’s totally mast. He likes spending time with me, but I suspect that he doesn’t miss me much even when I can’t.  " - Aamir Khan

Source: Hindustan Times

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