Porsche expands its US$2,100 per month subscription service to Canada

Porsche announced Thursday that it is expanding its vehicle subscription service to Canada. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski, File)

Want to drive a luxurious car, without actually having to buy it? Porsche has a solution for you.

Porsche announced Thursday that it is expanding its vehicle subscription service to Canada.

The Germany luxury car brand will launch its Porsche Passport subscription model and Porsche Drive car rental service in Toronto beginning in September, as well as in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and San Diego.

The two services were initially part of a pilot project launched in Atlanta two years ago, giving customers access to Porsche vehicles for short- and long-term rentals. The automaker said 80 per cent of the customers that signed up for the service in Atlanta were new clients.

With Porsche Passport, customers pay a flat fee that starts at US$2,100 per month for access to a vehicle, insurance, unlimited flips between models as well as up to 2,500 kilometres. Vehicle maintenance is covered by Porsche, and cars are delivered directly to customers though a concierge, who also transfers all personal items to the new car.

Porsche Drive is similar to a traditional car rental service, allowing drivers to rent a Porsche for as little as four hours, and up to one week.

The company said in a news release that it is expanding its services as a response to changing preferences in the marketplace, in addition to shifting digital trends.

“Why is Porsche creating new mobility models? Because consumers increasingly want more flexibility, more individual choice, and to have this on their mobile devices,” Klaus Zellmer, president and chief executive of Porsche Cars North America (PCNA), said in a statement.

“We want these consumers to have the same superb level of Porsche experience that we provide for our customers who buy or lease.”

According to Bloomberg, the US$2,100 tier of the Porsche Passport is 20 per cent more expensive than leasing one of the luxury cars for three years.

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