Fall tailgating anyone? These portable wine glasses are adorable, durable—and discreet

Korin Miller

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Meet your new favorite portable wine glass. (Photo: Amazon)

Tailgating time is upon us! The fun, the food, the drinks...but imbibing on the go can be tricky for wine fans. Some places have open container laws—and wine glasses aren’t exactly easy to tote.

That’s why people are obsessed with Goverre’s stemless wine glasses. They’re made of white glass that’s so thick, it could pass for plastic. The houndstooth-patterned silicone sleeves add durability and a non-slip grip, too.

Now let’s go over all the other reasons people love Goverre’s stemless wine glasses.


Goverre’s glasses come with a screw-on lid. You can easily toss a glass in your bag or cooler without stressing over leaks. “I can shake the glass completely upside down or at any angle over my sink, vigorously, for 20 seconds, and not a hint of a drop appears,” wrote one reviewer.

“This dramatically lowers the risk of me splashing red wine onto the sofa while drinking, so I think it's a winner,” said another.

Picnic in the park, anyone? (Photo: Amazon)

Great aesthetic

Sure, you could drink wine out of a plastic cup or coffee container, but that just seems...wrong. These give you a real wine-drinking feel. “My mom likes wine on little picnics. Real wine drinkers hate wine in plastic glasses, so this was a good fit,” said a happy customer.


Goverre’s stemless wine glasses could contain anything, and that’s a perk some reviewers like. “I get to walk around the public dock on my neighborhood without being obvious about being a lush,” one reviewer said.

Comes in lots of colors

The 10 colors come in handy if you have several wine drinkers in your group. “The silicone sleeve and cover are awesome. I love that you can get them in different colors so everyone knows which is theirs,” one person wrote, before encouraging people to “buy more than one!”

Goverre stemless wine glasses come in a rainbow of colors. (Photo: Goverre)

Keeps out bugs and debris

It’s easy to get unwanted junk in your wine glass when it’s uncovered, which is why people love Goverre’s lids. “We took these glasses with us to Kauai, and used them on the lanai and for picnics most days we were there. They pack well and the lids were great for keeping out bugs and sand,” one reviewer said.

“How many times have you tried to enjoy wine on the beach and kids run by or wind ruins your beverage? Not with Goverre!” another wrote.

Holds a lot of wine

Seventeen ounces, to be exact, which is more than half a bottle of wine. “It's pretty and fits your hand well. It does hold plenty,” one customer said. “These are large glasses which are nearly impossible to spill, which is a problem for me,” another wrote.

Shop it: Goverre Portable Stemless Wine Glass, $26, amazon.com

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