Post Bigg Boss 13 Eviction, Dalljiet Kaur Bumps Into Ex-Husband Shalin Bhanot And Here's What Happened Next- EXCLUSIVE

Dalljiet Kaur and Shaleen Bhanot, now Shalin ( we brought to you the story about his name change and the reason behind it yesterday) share a very ugly history. The couple got married in 2009 and filed for divorce in 2016 and mind you it wasn’t a clean one- a lot of mudslinging and controversies embroiled around the couple at that time. While Shalin had always maintained the stance that he has no problem with Dalljiet, even after their separation, Dalljiet never saw him eye to eye.

In fact, just last week, we told you how apprehensive she was about Shalin Bhanot entering Bigg Boss 13. She had given a clear diktat that if she comes to know that Shalin will enter the show, even as a wild card, she will not go inside the house on the final day. However, Dalljiet’s stay at the controversial house was short and she became the first one to get evicted. Post Dalljiet’s elimination, Shalin gave us a couple of interviews where he praised the actress and said she is doing a fantastic job as a single mother. The actor had even voted for his former wife.



And now, has it that the ex-couple came face to face at an art gallery event, organised by ace TV producer Yash Patnaik and Parvez Damania, yesterday. While Dalljiet walked in at 8 pm, Shalin arrived at the venue half an hour later, and saw that the actress was busy interacting with the media. He crossed in front of Dalljiet and she too noticed him come. After that, the two co-incidentally bumped near an exhibited painting and the Bigg Boss 13 contestant, surprisingly, did not ignore Shalin.

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To our surprise, Dalljiet hugged Shalin and even spoke for with him for a few minutes. “The two met formally, exchanged pleasantries and did not create any awkward situation. People were noticing them and expecting some drama to take place but all were surprised to see Dalljiet hug Shalin,” a source present at the exhibition told us.

The source further informed us that Dalljiet did not want to create a scene in front of others and chose to be the bigger person.  

For those who’ve come in late, Dalljiet had given us two explosive interviews, around the time she had filed domestic violence case against Shalin. We reproduce them below:


So, isn’t it really surprising, with a history as foul as this, Dalljiet and Shalin actually hugged and spoke at the event? Well, we guess time is a healer or you don’t know how to react when you bump into a person, with whom you’ve share an unpleasant history.

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