Post Breakup With Mahekk Chahal, Ashmit Patel Visited By Sis Ameesha; Have The Siblings Patched Up?- EXCLUSIVE

Ashmit Patel and Ameesha haven’t been on talking terms since a couple of years now. But, it seems like they are on the path of reconciliation. Ashmit who’s nursing a broken heart post his breakup with Mahekk Chahal was visited by his sister and parents recently at his residence.

A source told us that their parents talked to Ameesha and the trio together decided to let bygones be bygones and went to see Ashmit, who is disturbed post his split. It always helps to have your near and dear ones around at such times. Speaking of what went wrong between Ashmit and Mahekk after 5 years of being together, the duo started staying separately after problems between them went on increasing and eventually called off their engagement.

Speaking with Bombay Times, Mahekk confirmed the same and said, “I have left Ashmit Patel. I am out of this relationship.”Ashmit, on the other hand, said, “It is true that we are no longer together. I request respect for our privacy on this issue and do not want to comment further.”

Now, coming to Ashmit and Ameesha’s bitter past, the siblings had stopped talking to each other way back in 2004 when Ameesha had waged a lengthy court battle against her father Amit Patel alleging that he had embezzled her hard-earned money. During that time, Ashmit stood by his parents’ side, while Ameesha went on to live in with then boyfriend, filmmaker Vikram Bhatt. 

After her relationship with Bhatt ended in 2008, the actress made peace with her family, but she had a fallout with her brother once again in 2017 and this time, the parents stayed neutral. Last year in Oct, during their father’s birthday, when the siblings came face-to-face, they spoke for a brief while, but didn’t exactly reunite. 

Now, with Ameesha meeting her brother, we are guessing it’s a patch-up.

Image Source:- twitter, listal, flickriver, instagram/ashmitpatel/ameeshapatel9/maheckchahal

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