7 easy steps for a Spa-Worthy DIY Facial

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I think we all will agree to the fact that the word facial isn’t a facial unless you get it done by an experienced Beautician. The only downside is that it is difficult to find out the spas that use natural products. But what if you are a “BABE WITH A BUDGET”..?

You can definitely cut down your expense on the salon and can be your own Beautician. However, most of monotonous issues and busy routines always become an obstacle in the way. Have you ever thought of giving yourself a facial at home? 

YES! It’s quite possible girls. 

Summers are here and it’s time to pamper and relax yourself. A facial is one of the best way which cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes your skin leaving it soft, smooth and healthy. Unfortunately for the most of us, to devote a huge amount on salons every month is not possible, but as it is always said that the golden ingredients and beauty secrets itself are found in the kitchen. 

Of course, one can feel the same experience at home, but don’t skip the procedure or scrimp on the products. 

Let’s begin with step by step procedure of how to do facial-treatment at home. So girls this weekend, grab your best loved robe, relax and feel GORGEOUS!


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The first step of your facial is the most important skin care regimen for clear and flawless results. Use a gentle cleanser and not the soap. Proper cleansing removes dirt, oil and make up from the skin. Gently massage in slow circles and use lukewarm water, but not hot water. Medium pressure might stimulate blood circulation. Repeat for the second time if necessary. You can also use ORGANIC COCONUT OIL which is super AWESOME for your skin! 


After cleansing, you just can’t avoid this step. Exfoliating helps in removing the dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin. One can grab a suitable exfoliate scrub from the nearest drugstore depending on your skin type (oily/dry/normal) Also rubbing too roughly might damage your skin.

Procedure: - Take a little scrub on your palm, start rubbing it in the upward and circular direction. It also helps in tossing out the blackheads, wrinkles, whiteheads and thus improves the texture of the skin.

Also one can use the home-made scrub:-

Ø  Oatmeal scrub (dry skin)

Ø  Coffee scrub (oily skin)

Ø  Mix healthy oil with sugar ( tea-tree oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc)

Ø  Mix baking soda with water. 


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Steaming is one of the best and inexpensive methods. It also opens the pores of the skin and removes excess oil, embedded dirt, bacteria and toxins from the skin. If in case you don’t have a professional steamer, you can take a wet towel, dip in the hot water, rinse it and then can keep on your face for couple of minutes, this step will help in eliminating stubborn blackheads and whiteheads. Also, it can been easily done using a bowl of boiling water. Hold your face over the bowl, covering your head with a towel for sometime.

Herbs like neem, tulsi and mint can be added to make the session a special one. Essential or Aromatic oils such as rosemary, tea-tree, etc may also give additional benefits.

Also addition of Tea Bags will give SUPER AMAZING results if herbs and oils are not available.Excess of Steaming should be avoided.. as it will make the skin dry! Once or twice a month is recommendable. 


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Choose a mask that is suitable for your skin type. Facial mask provides all the required supplements to the skin in a matter of minutes..! It’s the best way to pamper your skin and de-stress yourself. Generally MUD-PACKS should be used in the sweltering summers and GEL BASED-PACKS in the windy winters. It also hydrates the skin giving it an even tone. They are basically designed for all the types of skin. It’s a simple procedure to follow if you urgently gotta attend a party tonight and you don’t have time to visit the spa..Apply-Wait-Wash! And you’re ready to go without getting hussy fussy. It also helps you to know your skin better!

Procedure:- Apply the mask on your face and let it dry. Rinse with lukewarm water after 15 minutes.  

Also some homemade facial masks such as Chocolate mask, Avocado mask, nutmeg mask, papaya mask, etc can also be applied.  


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Basically, it shrinks the pores. Toners are generally used by people who have oily and zits prone skin. It adds a layer of protection on the skin. Also, it gives extra cleansing and also helps to remove heavy make up!

Procedure: - After removing the mask,  grab in your favorite toner(alcohol-free) and apply it with the help of cotton. It also reduces the redness on the skin thus giving a cooling effect!

Basically, in summers, it’s a must to use a toner as a cleanser daily. In SUMMERS, it soothes the skin and in WINTERS, it makes the skin dry..!!!

Also homemade toner can be made by adding GREEN-TEA and APPLE VINEGAR.


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 This is the last step in your procedure. Apply the moisture and massage it for 2 minutes. Avoid doing it harshly. Facial massage is the best way of loving your skin. It also uplifts hydration in the skin and reduces tension and dullness. Also, face serums are worth trying. Basically, they are water-based. The skin absorbs them quickly and deeply, instantly gives glowing skin. So seize the best serum suitable for your skin and stick on to it.

Of course, getting an expert facial in an amazing ambiance listening to the soft relaxing music and lying on the cushion bed so spiffy and a-la-mode, will give you an incredible experience, but it might not suit you on your budget. So following the above steps every month will give also give you STUNNING results..Trust me girls.. It is the best, cost-effective and a quick natural DIY HOME FACIAL TREATMENT.

Facials are vitally important for blooming and radiant skin. Also a BALANCED DIET gives all the necessary nutrients and vitamins which the skin is craving for!

“Drinking lots of water is good for hydration. Leafy vegetables, juices and fruits shall also be included. And yes, don’t forget to EXERCISE”

Be healthy and stay fresh!!