Pouria Vatandoost AKA Poureal, an Iranian Singer, Surprises Everyone With His Miraculous Voice

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Using the most advanced and natural-sounding vocal effects and other applications can make anyone a good singer even the one who is not capable of singing or the one who is not talented.

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So, in the age of technology that we hear artificial voices, we must seek original voices.

An Iranian guy called Pouria was born in Tehran, Iran, and started music at an early age. He is best known for his miraculous voice and his well-made music in 2021.

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This Iranian singer has made a lot of music since he was a child, and he is an inspiration for lots of teenagers who want to start singing and producing music at a young age.

Because of his amazing voice, a lot of famous and professional singers accepted and wanted to work and sing with him. Among those names, you will find the names like Ali Ardavan and Hasan Baba, who are great singers.

Working with them made everyone believe that this young singer has a bright future like his present life. Pouria Vatandoost is now working hard on producing and singing new tracks and seeking to hold a concert.

Alongside music, he is also a host of a great show called “Ghaza Ba Pooryas” which means “Food with Pooryas” in English. The videos on the Instagram page of this show have thousands of views.

This successful Iranian will climb the stairs of success day by day.

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