Power cars: Narendra Modi's BMW and Xi Jinping's Hongqi

Power cars

What are the cars used by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Chinese President Xi Jinping? Well, the answer is more complex than what you might imagine. Some of the most powerful people in the world do not have one car but a whole fleet of state of the art, armoured and specially-made limousines.

Power cars

Modi uses a special armour-protected BMW 7-Series, while there are also a Range Rover and other SUVs in the PM’s fleet. Since, as the leader of the country, Modi has to use a car with one of the highest protection levels, he had to change his (also armoured) Scorpio car, which was one of his signature vehicles and something he still uses from time to time.

Meanwhile the BMW 7-Series used by our PM has a V12 engine and is also explosion proof. In other words, it is a veritable a fortress on wheels. The 7-Series has been built to withstand any attack and also has special fire-resistant tyres amongst several other cool features.

When it comes to the Chinese President Xi Jinping's car, very few details are available or known. The car that is being used by him is not for sale. It is called the ‘Hongqi N501’ and is specifically made for Government use only. This car is not available for the general public in China.

Power cars

You will not even find this car on the official Hongqi website and thus details about it are scanty. However, this is also an armoured car with the highest levels of protection and a lot of extra features. The engine is a 4.0 V8 and the car is more than 18 feet long. The fuel tank is huge and the car has a massive range.

Hongqi, as mentioned earlier, is a Chinese luxury car-maker and in Chinese the name means 'red flag'. This particular car has a huge chrome grille and comes with a large, spacious cabin. It is quite a hi-tech car with a lot of the dash being made up of touchscreens. The Hongii also has traditional luxury car features such as leather and wood also.

So who has the coolest car, Modi or Xi? Do tell us in the comments below.