Is it practical for Salman Khan to donate 90 per cent of his earnings and live a lavish lifestyle? Find out

About a year ago Salman Khan made it to the headlines that read, “Salman Khan donates 90 per cent of his income to charity”.  A leading daily also quoted the star’s sister Alvira stating that “he had not even signed a cheque till he was 48, he is completely detached from money”. But if we arrange it in a timeline of events that have occurred in Salman’s life, one might wonder does this statement really fit to be true.

While we’re aware of Khan’s generosity in terms of several charitable moments, what can’t be neglected is that his image in the film fraternity is handled by a highly professional team. Is it practically possible to live a lavish lifestyle with just 10 per cent of his earned wealth?

On his 50th birthday in 2016, Salman bought a private yacht which is worth Rs 3 crore. It is often used for parties and family getaways. That’s not it, he owns a farmhouse in Panvel which cost him around Rs 80 crore and another set of property which costs Rs 100 crore. Let’s not forget his charitable organisation Being Human wherein the actor gets his share of earnings too.

Salman’s Instagram and other social media has some really dope videos of his bicycle – the Giant Propel 2014 XTC that costs Rs 4.32 lakh. Fancy right? That’s not it. The Race 3 actor is also an automobile hoarder and owns a good share of rides. Remember John Abraham’s bike from the first Dhoom film? Salman owns that bike – Suzuki Hayabusa– worth Rs 15 lakh. He also owns a Yamaha R1 worth Rs 15.6 lakh, a Suzuki GSX-R 1000Z which costs Rs 16 lakh and a Suzuki Intruder M1800 RZ available for Rs 16 lakh.

Care to know his cars? According to a report by a leading news portal, Salman owns a total of 9 vehicles in his parking lot includes a Mercedes Benz GL Class – Rs 80 lakh, a Mercedes Benz S Class – Rs 82 lakh, an Audi A8 L – Rs 1.13 crore, a BMW X6 – Rs 1.15 crore, a Toyota Land Cruiser – Rs 1.29 crore, an Audi RS7 – Rs 1.4 crore, a Range Rover – Rs 2.06 crore, an Audi R8 – Rs 2.31 crore and finally a Lexus LX470 – Rs 2.32 crore.

Coming back to the statement made earlier, reports suggest that Salman Khan earns Rs 60 crore annually. If the 10 per cent is his income, that makes it around Rs 6 crore a year. Spending that amount is not everyone’s cup of tea. Rest assured Salman does participate in charity and has made some very impulsive donations.