Prateik Babbar's Marriage On The Rocks?- EXCLUSIVE

Raj Babbar and Smita Patil's son Prateik Babbar had tied the knot with Sanya Sagar on January 23, 2019. Sanya and Prateik had dated for a few years. FYI, Sanya is the daughter of BSP leader, Pawan Sagar. 

Prateik and Sanya's lovey-dovey Instagram posts earlier gained too much of love from their fans. However, a source close to Prateik has now told us that all's not well between the couple. 


While, India'a Lockdown turned out to be an opportunity for most celebrities to spend the quarantine time with their partners, seems that things only worsened between Prateik and Sanya who we also hear are staying separately from each other since the past few weeks. 

Well, we had called Prateik a few days back to check on this and he'd said, "Nothing like that".

Also, Sanya has been absent from various functions of Babbar- be it the it Holi celebrations or Raj Babbar's Anniversary dinner. 

Neither did Sanya invite Prateik for her play William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar wherein she plays Potia. The play was at Royal Opera House on March 14, 15, 21 and 22.


Latest, Prateik and Sanya have unfollowed each other on Insta. Prateik has also removed the honeymoon pictures from his Insta.

We repeatedly called Prateik today and texted him to again touch base with him, but the actor chose to not respond.

Apparently, the rift has deepened. 


Prateik earlier was in a relationship with Amy Jackson. Amy is now happily married with a kid. 

Hope, Sanya and Prateik kiss-n-make up soon.

Image Source:- Instagram/aaryababbar222,,pynkmoss

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