Pratham Singh, breaking stereotypes of a typical 16 year old boy

Pratham Singh living in New Delhi, India is unlike any other 16 year old 12th grader. Pratham seem to be clearly breaking stereotypes, at this age this talented young man is an entrepreneur who specialises in digital marketing and therefore has worked for many celebrities from the city of dreams “Mumbai”. Moreover this young man also keeps in touch with celebrities from Delhi, Punjab and Haryana respectively.

Pratham being an 12th grader who has to go through boards didn’t seem to make that an excuse and worked his way towards success with all his effort. This inspiring teenager is also the founder of the company named “Fame managers” with his partner Navjotgurudutta. Indeed his achievements have just begun and there is a long way to go ahead for him. The potential and confidence of him at such an young age made him an influencer as well. Pratham has influenced and inspired many young teenagers, he proved actions speak louder than words.

Pratham’s goal is not to build his empire in silence but it is to grow together. Therefore he motivates the youth by owning a podcast session as well named “Pratham’s perspective” in which he speaks his golden words to bring confidence, dedication and a positive energy for the viewers. His goals and ambitions are set high and he will surely accomplish them in the near future.