Pratham Singh- A young hustler with a bllion dollar vision


“Age is just a number” well said but excellently proved by a young talented 16 Year old boy Pratham Singh.
Pratham Singh is a 16 year old boy who lives in Delhi, currently studying in class 12th. He is an entrepreneur and an influencer.

What would you expect from a 16 Year old boy? To be a student, playing video games, hanging out with friends, but Pratham is an exception to this case. He is hustling hard day and night and having a clear vision of upcoming opportunities. His work is commendable. He started his journey last year by launching a startup company named “famemanagers” with his mate Navjotgurudutta.

Famemanagers is basically a media company where they use to verify the Instagram accounts of various celebrities.

He is building a good relationship with so many people. From a celebrity manager to runs a marketing business he is growing good in his niche. His is an active social media user , his handle on instagram ( having more than 14.5k followers.

Apart from his business he also provide a lot of valuable content on his Instagram handle, from inspiring and motivating others he also influences other students to hustle and work hard. His vision is so clear that it reflects from his behavior. Apart from this he had a very good work experience. He Worked with many influencers & celebrities like Bemet Music producer from Israel. Adi Spiegelman who is an International tennis player from Israel
Javed Khan who was the winner of Indias got talent 2018 Girish Sharma anchor and many more. His work is commendable.

Pratham also had his own podcast named “Pratham’s perspective”. He works in the niche of digital marketing where he is doing a phenomenal job. His hard work and hustle made him one of the influential personalities on social media. After seeing his work it sounds phenomenal that a guy who is only 16 making it happen and mandatory to mention that his work defines him best. Apart from his offline and online success he is still a humble and down to earth guy. Which separates him from the crowd. He is being unstoppable by launching another online project, a community named “the Fame Network”. His work is getting bigger day by day so his passion towards it. This boy is definitely going to achieve something really big in life. His influential personality, positive outlook and motivated thoughts made him a boy of billion dollar vision.

What hard work actual means Pratham defines it best. He not only making individual into celebrities, but also through his hard work, patience and positive attitude he is bringing a change in the mindset of young people and that day is not too far when he will be the role model for the youth of our country.
He knows well how to enrich the individual skills and helping others to do the same. It’s not to early to say that he is not too far from success, and make it happen.

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