Pratik Khamesra’s Astronomia Shoppe is shaking up the party props & event supplies space in India


Any month isn’t spent without a celebration on our calendars. Weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, parties, pre-wedding photoshoots and what not? Celebrations are an inevitable and the most memorable part of anyone’s life.

Hailing from Udaipur, one such entrepreneur, who’s been working in this direction and shaking up the party & event supplies space as well as presenting the world with a fresh and interesting product line is Pratik Khamesra and his firm Astronomia Shoppe. Commenced in 2013, they are known for making memories that will be cherished for years. Their exclusive products make you & your event stand out. Pratik’s Astronomia Shoppe is your go-to place if you’re having a party or any kind of celebration in any part of India. They ensure their customers, to have the products they ordered, to be delivered within 2 days.

They sell all kinds of generic and exclusive event supplies, party wearables, photoshoot products, props and celebratory products all over India. Literally, everyone who celebrates an event are their potential clients. Their extensive clientele list includes IIT Bombay’s Mood indigo, which is Asia’s biggest college fest. They have also been official partners at India’s major college fests (IIT Guwahati, IIT Indore, IIM Udaipur, BITS Pilani, IIT roorkee etc.) and almost all the major music festivals of India. Event Managers and wedding planners are their biggest clients. Even celebrities, DJs and artistes have been frequently showing interest in their products and endorsing them in their music videos.

Their massive variety of over 4,000 kinds of products will leave everyone amazed. They can be contacted on their social media handles like Facebook and Instagram for all kinds of orders whether small or big.

Well, this is what an unexplored industry of party supplies is. In his own words, “Work hard, party harder is passé. New mantra is party harder, work the hardest. Always Adore your haters because haters are actually the ones who will drive you towards success’’. We wish Pratik and his amazing Astronomia Shoppe team all the success.

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