Pratyusha Banerjee Death Anniversary: Ratan Raajputh Says ‘It Pinches Me That We Don’t Know Yet If It Was Suicide Or Murder’- EXCLUSIVE

On April 1, 2016, TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself to a ceiling fan. Today, on her death anniversary, her co-star and friend Ratan Raajputh reminisces about the late actress.

Talking to us exclusively, Ratan says, "It’s been 4 years that she left us and I still can't forget her last journey when I applied ghee on her body. I am a person who used to feel fearful seeing somebody's death but that was the first death in my life and after that, I lost my father. Pratyusha’s death taught me how important life is and that’s something which none of the teachers taught me. I realized that death cannot be avoided as one day everyone has to die. It came as a lesson to me as I understood that our first priority should be our own life, and the rest of the things like career, ambition, relationships are secondary. For actors, handling fame is not easy. Raaton raat hum star hote hain aur kuch saalon baad phirse wahin hote hain jahan se shuru kiya tha. So, to see these kinds of ups and downs is not easy for a normal person. But I have learnt to live a balanced life now.” 

Furthermore, Ratan said, "Not only Pratyusha, but what happened with Kushal Punjabi has also shaken me up. I didn't know him personally but being from the same fraternity I could relate to him. Death ne mujhe nahi hilaya, unnatural death ne hilaya hai where we all are still trying to know what was the reason for them leaving the world this way". 

Ratan said how since morning she had been remembering Pratyusha as it’s her death anniversary, "April 1 is a date which I can never forget. For people, it must be April Fool's day but for me it’s a wisdom day. The only thing that pinches me yet is that we couldn't find what was the real reason behind her death, suicide or murder?”

Before summing up the conversation, Ratan Raajputh mentioned, "I am sure by now she must have got a rebirth and is living between us. I just hope she has a great life this time". 

Image Source:- Instagram/ratanraajputh/iamprats

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