How to Be Prepared for Any Weather

Dr. Vijaykumar S. Kamat

Flying is a wonderful experience. And yet, you can’t escape the ruthless sudden change in the weather the second you hop off the air-conditioned plane. Left to its own devices, our bodies can acclimatise slowly. But it’s the sudden jerk in the change of the temperature, humidity levels and the time zone that need some proactive measures; after all, a lot of our travel experience depends on our health. In this article, let me share my personal experience and some tips that you can use to safeguard your health against frequent or abrupt climatic changes and ensure that your productivity, mood and health stay in top form.

Drink fresh juices

I took a flight from Goa to UK in July, with a layover at Doha. Having escaped the heavy rains and humidity of Goa, I enjoyed the comfortably cold ambience of the plane for seven hours until Doha arrived. However, once we got off the plane, we were welcomed by bright sun showering all its glory on us at 48°C. For times like these, I keep some lemons in my hand bag. So the first thing I did was to squeeze some lemon juice in my water bottle and sip the drink slowly. I also carry cardamom powder with me, which I add to the juices I drink to create a cooling effect when it’s very hot outside. You can drink any fresh citrus juice as a substitute.

Soon after, I had to brace myself for the next connecting flight to Heathrow. I took out my trusted dietary supplement bottle – Biogetica’s Reginmune and swallowed a capsule. Within an hour of having the Reginmune capsule, I felt my tiredness diminishing and felt ready for the next flight.

Eat gut-friendly foods

It’s important to take good care of your diet when travelling. Your body is making a lot of adjustments and supporting it with the right foods will make your journey more enjoyable. As a rule, I stay off white bread and pizza as yeast and white flour are known to disturb digestion. I don’t mind multigrain oats bread though. Here’s a table for quick reference of what foods you should try to substitute when you travel.

Avoid : White bread, Packaged juices, carbonated drinks, Junk food snacks , Fruit yoghurt, Ice cream, Shallow or deep fried foods.

Go for it : Multigrain, oats bread, Fresh juices, Dry fruits, Plain yoghurt, Cold milk, green tea, Rice, freshly fermented foods.

When it’s cold outside, make liberal use of ingredients that generate heat such as garlic, turmeric, cinnamon, and black pepper. Dry nuts and dried seeds such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds etc. are a traveller’s best choice as they are handy, ready-to-eat and have a long shelf life.

Even if you are eating healthy foods, remember that moderation is key! No one wants to have diarrhoea or constipation when they’re all set out to travel and explore. Take care of your stomach and it will take care of your plans. I followed these rules all through my trip in the UK and not just I avoided falling sick, but I actually felt great!

Help yourself to green tea

I experienced biting cold weather in Wales and Scotland. What kept me going is green tea and fresh ginger. If fresh ginger is not available, you can also use dried ginger powder. Green tea starts working the minute you consume. It also gets your metabolism going. It contains many spices and herbs routinely suggested in Ayurveda for boosting immunity. Moreover, you don’t need any fancy equipment to make it — you just need a mug with some hot water. Steep the green tea bag for a few minutes and it’s ready.

By this time, I had hopped several time zones across a week of my tour. And yet, I was as charged as on the first day, without having anything resembling a jet lag. May I add humbly that I have no superpowers, and it is mostly due to my timely intake of Biogetica’s supplement named Radi. We are constantly surrounded by devices such as smartphones, computers, and power lines and consuming this supplement is the best way to protect our body’s energy field, also known as aura. Its energy-enabled components encourage activation of our natural protection system and safeguard us from a wide range of radiation at various frequencies. Its effect is most obvious when I travel, as I don’t feel strong jet lags anymore.

Go green with your diet

Another climate shock was waiting for me when I travelled from Scotland to Liverpool. Liverpool was quite hot at 25° C. I decided to go light on my diet and made green leafy vegetables a main portion of my course. Salads sprinkled with rock salt, pepper and lime juice became my mainstay. I know that it is not possible to fulfil all our nutrition requirements when we are constantly on the go, from one tourist spot to another. So I keep a bottle of Biogetica’s PranaMana capsules, and pop a capsule to boost my energy and to make up for any lacking nutrition. This measure rewarded me with great stamina. I carried a heavy backpack, stayed outdoors in the sun for long hours, took care of the needs of my family members, etc. and yet nothing could dampen my spirits. I felt ready for everything!

Detox the easy way

We eat simply to enjoy what we eat, and to compensate for our not-so-good dietary habits, we must detoxify regularly. But the very word ‘detoxify’ brings to mind bunches of green leaves and a mixer grinder and a glassful of some decoction whose taste won’t leave your mouth the whole day. Anyway, who has got the time to do it when travelling? But I’m not scaring you, detoxifying is THE most important thing when you are travelling.

During our tour, we visited a wild life sanctuary in which we could actually come in close contact with the animals as we fed them. There was a lot of dust, and with the characteristic smell of animals hanging in the air, it wasn’t exactly what one would call hygienic. And yet, not one of us fell sick. The open secret being that I carry a bottle of Biogetica’s SpiruLiva tablets with me everywhere. I have two tablets every day, and make sure my whole family has it too; especially when travelling. This ensures proper detoxification of our entire system. We could enjoy the experience of being in such close proximity with such beautiful creatures without any health concerns; and a large part of the credit goes to the detox and immunity boost that I get from SpiruLiva.

It’s great to want to enjoy the local cuisine and relish new experiences. Yet, as a doctor, I would advise taking caution and getting some help in the form of supplements to energise and detoxify your system. It’s the easiest and most non-fussy way to stay healthy during the time away from home. Here’s a ready reckoner of Biogetica products for all health conscious travellers.

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