Here’s how to preserve food for a longer time during the lockdown

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You can boil some vegetables before freezing them. (Source: Getty Images)

You may have stored some vegetables and other food items to avoid stepping outside too many times in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, buy you also need to ensure that they remain fresh for consumption. You may have found vegetables and other foods becoming dry or rotten even when kept in the refrigerator. So shoving all you have bought in the fridge may not be the best option. So here are some ways in which in you can preserve your fruits and vegetables for a longer period of time and ensure you eat fresh and healthy:

Boil before freezing vegetables

It is recommended that you boil vegetables like broccoli, peas, and French beans for 30 seconds before freezing them, according to Raw carrots can be chopped before freezing, suggests, or they can go spongy since the water in their cells expands and bursts them.

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Wrap leafy vegetables

Before storing leafy vegetables, it is best to rinse them first and then dry and wrap in a paper towel that will absorb moisture. You can then refrigerate them in a sealed plastic bag or container, as per


Pickle foods to preserve them. (Source: Getty Images)

Pickle your foods

This is the process of extending the shelf life of foods by immersing them in vinegar or vegetable oil to prevent growth of bacteria. You can also add antimicrobial herbs and spices like mustard seeds, garlic, cinnamon or cloves. You can pickle foods like meat, cucumber, beetroot, bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and so on.

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To avoid fruits from going bad, juice them and store in airtight glass containers, and put them in the fridge. Bananas, on the other hand, can be stored in the refrigerator directly. Even if the peel turns brown, the fruit will remain perfectly edible. Cool temperature allows an enzyme found in banana, called polyphenyl oxidase, to polymerise phenols in the banana skin into polyphenols. This blackens the banana skin. At the same time, cool temperature keeps the fruit from over-ripening, as explained by

preserving milk

Store milk in the back of the fridge. (Source: Getty Images)

Keep milk, dairy foods at the back of the fridge

Rather than storing milk and other dairy foods at the fridge door, it is recommended that you keep them at the back as the area is colder. Not only is the temperature at the door higher but also exposed to warm air every time you open it, increasing the chances of bacteria to grow and spoil the milk.

What to keep in room temperature

Store tomatoes, potatoes, onion and garlic at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, to keep them fresh, recommend experts.