President pranked as comedians snap up Trump 2024 domain

Martin Pengelly in New York
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<span>Photograph: Kevin Dietsch/EPA</span>
Photograph: Kevin Dietsch/EPA

Donald Trump’s bid to retake the presidency in 2024 has been launched – by two comedians.

“We got the domain,” comics Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler, AKA The Good Liars, wrote on Twitter.

A TikTok video scored to Loser by Beck showed the site, which was headlined “I lost the 2020 election” and included the subheadings “Trump Lost”, “Trump is a Loser” and “Trump Lost the Election”.

Trump lost the electoral college to Joe Biden by 306-232, a score he said was a landslide defeat when Hillary Clinton was on the wrong end of it in 2016. Trump is also losing the national popular vote by more than 6m ballots, a contest he lost to Clinton by nearly 3m.

Trump belatedly allowed the transition to proceed but has not formally conceded, as he continues to mount legal challenges to results in key states. He has won one such case – but lost 36.

Fundraising efforts nominally for such legal efforts have been shown to benefit Trump’s post-White House political career. Many expect him to declare another run for president soon.

A banner on the website read: “Click here to donate to a PAC that has nothing to do with my legal defence team!”

Selvig and Stiefler offered to give the president the domain name “if you tweet ‘My name is Donald Trump and I lost the 2020 election by A LOT. I am a loser. SAD!’”

As of Wednesday lunchtime Trump had not done so, despite having plenty of phone time on a day officially free of public engagements.

Selvig and Stiefler are not the only people seeking to punk the president with online pranks. As of Wednesday, the domain directed users to Trump’s Wikipedia page. A satirical site presenting a notional Trump presidential library, meanwhile, was flourishing.

At, users can enjoy a visually impressive site which promises among other attractions a “Covid Memorial”, a “Wall of Criminality” and an “Alt-Right Auditorium”. Users are also offered use of a “Hall of Enablers” (among those honoured are senators, governors and the media) and a “Criminal Records Room” in which to study “Tax Evasion 101”.

According to Fast Company, the library was “designed by a New York-based architect who wishes to remain anonymous [but who] holds little back in turning the most controversial and divisive moments of Trump’s time in office into biting commentaries on his policies and personality.”

There is even a “Grift Shop”. As well as offering “Grab a Pussy Cookies” and “Notes of a Stable Genius” notebooks, the site offers a chance to donate to progressive causes. One potential beneficiary is Raphael Warnock, one of two Democrats looking to win runoff elections in Georgia in January, thereby regaining the Senate.