Your Press Release – How to Make a Daunting Task Delightful


So you’ve had your big idea. You’ve done your research, tested and tweaked your product or service. You’ve set up your business and potentially found your place in the market. You are proud and excited about what you’ve done so far and what you can offer your target market. The big event for your launch-day is coming up and you need to get the word out there and get people talking about it in the media, in other words you need to get a press release distributed.

Writing and sending a press release can be a nerve-wracking undertaking. What do you write and who do you send it to? What type of response should you expect and what can you do to help the process along? Luckily there are press release and distribution services, like PR wire, that have the professional know-how to make a task, that you might find difficult, easy.

What to write and who to send it to?

When writing your press release you need to keep in mind the people that you are writing to. The first person to read your release is not your target customer but rather the journalists or media managers you contact. You have to remember that content is king. You want to make your press release interesting and unique and you want to get them to buy into the story you are telling. You’ve already done the work and research, so you know your product or business is worthy of being mentioned and reported on. Now you need them to realize what you already know. 

Keep your press release short and succinct. Remember that journalists and media managers get numerous story queries and assignments a day and you don’t want yours to just be another one they barely read. Pitch to them the most notable, unique characteristics of your new venture and why it is important for their readers/listeners/viewers to know about it. 

When your release is ready and error free send it to all the relevant media outlets you can. The more coverage you get, the better but also take your business or product into account. If your target market is a specific community, focus on the media outlets that service those communities. There are slightly different types of press releases and you can read more about them here

How can you help the process along?

Once you’ve sent the email, you’ll have to wait and see who bites. You can, however, follow-up on your release. This might or might not be a good idea. If you don’t get a response straight away, carefully look at your press release again and decide if there is something you can change to make it more interesting to the media outlet you want to contact. Prepping more than one press release with different focuses is a wise choice and in a day or two you can send out your second press release.  With a slightly different focus in each release you only increase the chance of your targeted media outlet showing interest and reporting on your story. 

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