6 easy ways to stop chafing ruining your summer

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Chub rub. It's the secret ailment that plagues 99.7% women (probably) throughout summer. No matter what your dress size, NO thighs are safe from the misery caused when thigh A meets thigh B and the hellish chafing begins.

Thankfully, solutions from anti-chafing shorts to cream and even underwear are now better than ever to help prevent chub rub in the summer months.

So, if you don't want to spend your summer sweating it out in trousers or getting strange looks as a result of walking with your feet three feet apart to prevent the rub, READ ON.

Aside from an 87p cream from ASDA that people can't stop talking about, here are some tried and tested solutions loved by ex-chub rub sufferers the world over. Get involved and liberate those legs.

1. Anti-chafing shorts, 拢30 BUY NOW

Any kind of elasticated shorts, be it cycling shorts or Spanx, will keep your thighs protected from friction AND prevent any cringey pant-flashing moments if the summer breeze catches your dress. Double win.

Photo credit: Figleaves
Photo credit: Figleaves

Here's another pair that switch from anti chafing shorts into stockings part-way down, for added comfort:

Photo credit: Harrods
Photo credit: Harrods

Skinny Britches Capri Leggings, 拢60, Spanx BUY NOW

2. Anti-chafing bands, 拢8 BUY NOW

If the idea of your ladybits overheating in shorts worries you, try these anti chafing bands instead. A bit like the top of stockings, they stay in place all day and provide an all-important barrier for your thighs. And, GREAT NEWS! While Bandelettes have offered anti-chafing bands for years at a punchy price (拢17.99+), with a full size range in stock, John Lewis is here to make your chub rub needs even cheaper. Their anti-chafing bands are just 拢8!

Want a value pack option? Why not check out Boohoo's anti chafing thigh band two-pack for 拢9:

Here's a nude-toned option too, perfect for wearing under white summer dresses:

Photo credit: New Look
Photo credit: New Look

Cream anti-chafing thigh bands, 拢7.99, New Look BUY NOW

3. Lush Silky Underwear dusting powder, 拢9 BUY NOW

This stuff is basically a really fancy version of talc, packed with skin-kind ingredients that will keep chafing at bay when applied to skin. It does wonders for preventing boob sweat, too, so don't go anywhere this summer without it in your bag.

4. Maybelline Baby Skin Primer, 拢7.99 BUY NOW

We LOVE this beauty hack. When one writer ran out of her favourite anti-chafe balm, she turned to her makeup primer instead in a moment of sheer desperation. Even though she didn't find the primer much good on her face, she found it amazing at preventing thigh-rub. Who knew?!

5. BodyGlide For Her Anti-Chafing Balm, 拢17.99 BUY NOW

If you can get past the irritating 'For Her' label, this balm works wonders on your friction-prone regions thanks to its soothing, non-greasy and sweat-resistant formula.

6. Secret Shield, 拢10.24 BUY NOW

This stuff acts a bit like a roll on deodorant for your thigh zone - but with tonnes of skin friendly ingredients. Sure, waiting for international postage is a bit of a ball ache, but you can't argue with the legions of reviews proclaiming this product changed their lives.

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Photo credit: Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Hearst Owned

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