Prince Harry joins Silicon Valley start-up as Chief Impact Officer

Pranav Dixit
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Prince Harry joins Silicon Valley start-up as Chief Impact Officer
Prince Harry joins Silicon Valley start-up as Chief Impact Officer

24 Mar 2021: Prince Harry joins Silicon Valley start-up as Chief Impact Officer

Seems like Prince Harry, who quit the British Royal family last year, wasn't joking during the Oprah Winfrey interview about trying to find new avenues of money.

The Duke of Sussex now has a job at a billion-dollar Silicon Valley start-up called BetterUp Inc., The Wall Street Journal reported.

The company, that provides mental health advice and professional coaching, has listed Harry as its Chief Impact Officer.

Coaching: Harry personally benefited from a BetterUp coach

Harry expanded on his reasons to join BetterUp in a blog.

He talked about personally benefiting from a BetterUp coach and being attracted to the company's overall culture.

"I've personally found working with a BetterUp coach to be invaluable. I was matched with a truly awesome coach who has given me sound advice and a fresh perspective," Harry wrote in the blog.

Fact: Why did he join BetterUp?

When asked by WSJ why he is taking the job, Harry said that he intends to help create an impact in people's lives. "Proactive coaching provides endless possibilities for personal development, increased awareness, and an all-around better life," Harry mentioned in an emailed response.

Mental Health: Harry on transforming pain into purpose

During the Winfrey interview, Harry had talked about the importance of mental health.

Continuing on that theme, Harry spoke about prioritizing mental fitness to unlock untapped potential and opportunity.

He invoked a saying from the Royal Marine Commandos, "It's a state of mind."

"What I've learned in my own life is the power of transforming pain into purpose," he wrote in the blog.

BetterUp: It is a meaningful role: BetterUp CEO on Harry's job

Meanwhile, Alexi Robichaux, the Chief Executive Officer of BetterUp, said Harry has been given "a meaningful and meaty role."

"We are energized by his model of inspiration and impact through action," Robichaux said in the blog.

The former British Royal is expected to give his input on BetterUp's initiatives. He would be involved with product strategy, charitable contributions, and would also advocate mental health-related topics.

Fact: Here is BetterUp's official announcement

Unicorn: BetterUp is a Silicon Valley unicorn

The company was founded in 2013 and is currently valued at around $1.73 billion making it a Silicon Valley unicorn.

Based in San Francisco, the firm says its employees "are empowered to go above and beyond to reach their best self."

Companies use BetterUp's network of over 2,000 coaches to promote mental wellness among their employees. Some of their big clients include Hilton, NASA, Chevron, and Salesforce.